I like them, they look a lot like paint that flows


I'll try some coloring algorithms on it

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With multiple interpolations of different colors we can get pretty complex color patterns

@digit nice 🎨 palette here!
These patterns look cool, can you animate them?

@pixelflowers Theoretically yes, I can animate noise offset, it would look a bit like weird smoke

@digit asking because we make visuals, and that kind of patterns (when animated) are useful elements to play with.

Interestingly, at a "micro level" there's some resemblance with the output of the ffmpeg split/displace effect that we, @glitchbyte and @kandid have been playing with recently.

Your "Biomorph fractals" are also very cool. They look casrtoonish, and less mandelbrot-ish than the average fractal. That's also something we should learn how to create and animate 🤔

@pixelflowers @glitchbyte @kandid The biomorph can be applied to mandelbrot iteration too but it gives less interesting results.

I'll try to animate the biomorphs too at some point, as we can slightly animate the values in equations

@pixelflowers @digit @glitchbyte

Much simpler color gradients can be generated with aNa in real time. The colors are taken from GIMP palettes. To get smooth transitions between the colors and to make the edges look more turbulent I would have to extend the program.



@glitchbyte @pixelflowers @digit

Yes, before I wrote aNa, I had looked very closely at how Hydra is programmed. Especially how the frame buffers are managed.

Hydra does not require any installation effort.

aNa is based on openFrameworks, so the hurdle for someone who wants to get in is big.

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