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Bonjour !

Avec @nausicaa on s'investit dans le "creative coding" depuis un certain temps, avec comme objectif de comprendre et de concevoir des algorithmes pour produire des images artistiquement intéressantes.

Dans la continuité de ce travail, nous avons ouvert une boutique en ligne pour que vous puissiez acheter des dessins réalisés au pen plotter ou imprimés, et demander des commissions :

C'est l'ouverture officielle aujourd'hui, n'hésitez pas à booster!


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Hello !

With @nausicaa we've been invested in "creative coding" for a long time, our goal being to understand and design algorithms for producing visually interesting pictures.

We've opened an online store where you can buy pen plotted or printed designs, and ask for commissions:

Today is the official opening, don't hesitate to boost!


Hey, as I know a lot of you are doing electronics as a hobby, do you know any good simulation software? In a previous life, I was using Proteus, but it's not free

Boost appreciated

@digit Did you know that Brocoli is not originally something Nature created.
When I firstly heard that I was not believing it.

Back in the days humans were experimenting with plants to find new ones and after long time, they managed to get brocoli.


Did a few more versions of another sold out drawing! Nautilus #4 & #5 are now up in my store.

Micron pens on bristol paper.

No randomness in the design, but lots of fun to try new color combos.

The first one looks like a weird fractal cabbage leaf 🤷

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