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You can call me Digi

I draw digitally & for fun. I like art but I'm not sure if it likes me. I also get a ton of ideas in my head, good in my head but I'm still not the greatest at putting it down.

I really like seeing media corruption and software gore, especially old console corruptions. I also really like insects and reptiles and other critters similar.

β€”> Looking for other artists/people to follow and stuff. DMs are open, I'm happy to chat :P

i really like how broken and exploitable pokemon for the gameboy is, if i could i would make a gameboy game and let anybody just tear it to shreds with glitches

tutanota doesnt support plus addresses, hm (with a normal account that is)

I find it difficult to push out art on a consistent basis and I would like to but that's a struggle

the Disco Elysium piece I did for Lost in Cult issue 002! It's available here (I'll also be sticking it up on my inprnt store at some point)

i almost want to have none of my usernames on all the websites i'm on to match but i also like them all to exactly match but..

i log onto any website, i see that i have one notification, i hurriedly log out

Finished a ref of my sona, this took 2 hours and I like how it turned out. They're a blue dragon sea slug btw!

it's my duty to get a game, play it once, forget about it and then actually play it when i find it again in 1-3 years

Making a custom makes me realize how much I like making customs :artpeek:

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