Hey , my name is Denman Rooke, I'm an illustrator, art director, and concept artist working in games. I've been working professionally since 2007 and live in Galway, Ireland.

I've done work for Magic the Gathering, D&D, and Pathfinder RPG to name a few (with a small contribution of mine in the behind the scenes of the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug). I am currently working full-time as an Associate Art Director at Sumo Digital.

Here's a few recent pieces of mine.

The Mischievous Catgeist (ghost kitten) peice actually comes with a bit of a story. The little kitten here is based off my friends' kitten Tanuki who passed shortly before I got this art brief.

Tanuki was a sweet and feisty little kitten. But sadly struggled a lot with illness in his brief time here. Since my friends Ian & Jessamyn are nerds like me and enjoy MTG, I asked if they minded I pay homage to the little guy and immortalize him in this card.

Apologies to the blind and partially sighted community for not adding image descriptions on my work above which I posted for my . Being new to the space, I was unaware of how to do that previously, but I know now that some helpful community members have pointed it out to me.

I'm posting again here in case you wanted to read the descriptions on the work posted in my intro. Enjoy!

@denmanrooke I am still obsessed with the ickle ghost kittie

@denmanrooke Your art is incredible!! I love that little ghost kitty so dang much.

@Larn_draws aw thanks! I love him too! There's a real life story behind him. I'll add it to the thread.

@denmanrooke It really is such a lovely homage, thank you for sharing!

@denmanrooke That's a very sweet backstory. What a great tribute.

Mischievous Catgeist is one of my favorite cards/art pieces in MTGA, thanks for putting it into the world!

@denmanrooke I'm not sure I've seen your work in the wild, but I love the way you use blue here.

@DarkSheepArts thank you! yeah these are some of my bluest pieces I think. All except the elf were from the same Magic set and ghostly, so was living in that palette for a little while.

@denmanrooke I had a feeling they'd been made for print, just from the luminosity.

Lol, I'm very faddy with the colours I use, but I can imagine that living in a particular colour set for a job must be an experience.

@denmanrooke Beautiful! The cat in the second picture looks like one of my cats <3

@denmanrooke OMG Ghost cat! Imagine being haunted by a cat, all the ominous purring out of nothing, things pushed down from the table, cables bitten through... omg i want to be haunted by a cat :3
also btw i love your artwork!

@tantedante all those stories of ghosts knocking things off tables... well, they're probably ghost cats.

@denmanrooke thank you! I’m following just for the fact that you were considerate <3

@denmanrooke The Mischievous Catgeist is one of the MTG cards I have decorating my bookshelves! ♥ Such a lovely card art

@denmanrooke I love the alt texts that artists put on their art here, as it gives another layer of meaning to their work as well as pointing out really obvious things I have missed! Great work, thanks!

@mykd yeah it's a really nice feature. I'm glad it's encouraged.

I haven't seen the previous toots.

Did someone pointed to @PleaseCaption as friendly reminder?

@denmanrooke @Mayana this, I love this! Because like yeah, it doesn't have to be a chore, it can be fun.

Let's you be intentional about reflecting on your work and stuff.

@denmanrooke Another person who does exemplary image descriptions. These are all wonderful, thank you so much. The last two are great, especially the 4th reminds me of Killer Instinct's Hisako and her setting, minus the japanese-looking art of course.
These are all very inspiring, vivid descriptions and there's not a single uninteresting detail about them!

@erion ah thanks so much. I don't fancy myself a good writer, but I had fun putting these together.

@denmanrooke the descriptions are also great to grasp the artists intentions and some context!

@denmanrooke I love this image description, so will certainly follow you, if you, well, continue to do this! Fun fact, you could follow @PleaseCaption and it will remind you to add captions to images.

@denmanrooke welcome at this nice place. Your art looks amazing. Awesome to see such a number of great artists at Mastodon. Have a good time here 😃

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