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Thank God Mastodon’s a thing y’all, it actually is a good answer to Twitter in a way none of the ‘answers’ to YouTube and Facebook are even trying to be. It’s still growing but it actually offers up real solutions to a lot of the problems that are behind people becoming so disillusioned with bird site. Whereas most of these other ‘answer’ platforms are just trying to remake a busted wheel and be the poorman’s YouTube or Facebook 2.0 etc.

@denidimochka I like the chronological posts, the lack of ads, and the fact that an instance can have a theme but I can still follow folks from elsewhere. What parts do you like?

@JacobSKellogg I really dig this push towards a community run and operated platform. The lack of ads is
amazing because it takes
away this push to monetize viewership by turning users
into nothing more than digital currency.

@slipstream So full disclosure: I haven't dug deep enough into PeerTube to form a PeerTube specific opinion. Generally though, the only real way to compete with big Corporately operated monopolistic infrastructure is with a federated
Cooperatively run one. With most competitor sites the draw is 'You hate X platform run by big Corporate Totalitarianism? Well come to Y platform run by smaller startup Corporate Totalitarianism!'

@slipstream But the whole opensource/free-libre software/decentralization movement offers up new answers to the lack of democracy embedded in our current social platforms by encouraging community ownership and participation. Just my two cents.

@denidimochka we will know that it has truly made it when we just talk about stuff, and don’t use mastodon to talk so much about mastodon.

@paco @denidimochka by this standard, I'm not sure YouTube is successful yet ;) (not serious, but there is a huge amount of meets on YouTube)

@denidimochka I honestly believe that its better than Twitter. The UX is superior and I've found it to be a lot faster too.

Every time i use Twitter, everything feels slow and clunky. Not only that, but there seems to be more engagement and conversation here.

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