@er1n Well now she's DEAD. Super dead. Aaaaallllll the way dead. So fucking absolutely dead🎉 🥂

@Adoxographer I'm actually not against drugs or legalizing them, she had way more problematic racist colonial ableist views.

@denidimochka Sure, but speedfreaks in general are pretty bad people to listen to about solutions to economic, social, and political problems in my experience.
(I put her economic and political views at the top of the long list of why she was detestable. I mean, two sitting supreme court justices make every clerk read her shit, and a recent chairman of the federal reserve was in her inner circle...)

@Adoxographer Amphetamines weren't what made her horrible, she just happened to be Shit in Dress that also was addicted to Amphetamines. There are more families already being vilified and denied medical care and treatment or thrown in prison for drug addiction. Her hatred for black and brown people, the disabled, and the poor are what made her rancid.

@denidimochka Yeah, I agree. You're right. And I'm 100% against imprisoning or denying rights to people with addiction problems. 🧡

@denidimochka But no, actually, what am I saying. You're right. Support for fucking eugenics is the damn worst. Sorry for venting!

@Adoxographer no worries, we're on the same page as far as her death being a great thing goes.

Most of us here hate Ayn Rand, but thanks for the quick fact :blobfingerguns:

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