I finally got something in the screen!

Looks like my art is good enough for this.

I coded the level loader and all that shit... Now I need to make many things of top of this:

- Collision system...
- Animations...
- Characters and enemies...

#love2d #lua #gamedev

I've been reading some Unity docs wanting to be more involved in a gaming pipeline too, maybe cobble together a little mini game🤔

@denidimochka :thaenkin:
I'm still learning. I'm supposed to be a good coder and a decent miniature sculptor so I decided to mix both things together: Gamedev.

I'm not really involved in the gamedev pipeline so I need to learn many things.
On the art side, I can sculpt in blender and even make some retopo shit and all that but never worked with textures etc.

I'm open to collab on projects but I need to learn some more!

@ekaitz_zarraga oh cool we're kinda on the same level as far as that goes! Some 3d artists I work with have really dug Redshift for texturing if you ever wanna chk it out.

@denidimochka Hey! Thanks!
I'll stay on the modeling part until I control it 100% and then keep adding stuff to my things. I can't handle it all. But I'll surely check it soonish.

My job is actually to learn stuff so if I do the same in my free time my head explodes.

(guess what? I do it all the time so my head hurts...)

nice hope it goes well! You might already be following him but Michael Pavlovich has a pretty dope sculpting channel✌️

@denidimochka Looks great!

I try to avoid privative software so I sculpt on Blender. But I'll take a deeper look anyway, the lessons seem to be quite reusable.

oh for sure, a lot of my fav videos of him come from a pretty traditional perspective as opposed to a hyper tech pov

@denidimochka That's great. I hate when the sculpting videos become "use this tool" videos.

BTW, you should take a look to Raúl García Latorre's work. He is a miniature sculptor who learned 3D.
He won the World Miniature Competition when he was like 20 or something and now he is like 40 and had spent all his life on it. He's a beast. Look:


@ekaitz_zarraga wuuuuuuuuuuut? The nail art clay? Thats wild! Dude's pretty sick.

@denidimochka I was a miniature sculptor in the past (i suppose i still am) and I made miniatures in fimo too. :)

It's pretty sick but it's easier than it looks.

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