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Tech person: &@%#}{>?~|^€!+*%<~|#>>+=‘()$@😂😂😂 Am I right??

Me:...I’m not that smart bruh, I just draw boobs real good....

@bea they do often forget the secret ‘third nipple’ for feeding familiars

@denidimochka oh wait did I reply? ugh my bad that was supposed to be a general toot lol

@jalcine .......I thought that was specially for ME, Jacky......

@denidimochka I hear ya. I feel like if I could code I’d be a lot more productive a person. But I’m pure visual cortex. I done min maxed all my points.

@FRENDEN omg me too 100000000% I’ll be super into their convos on coding then I’m just like “The fuck is a front end?”

@denidimochka Right? I’m slooooowly teaching myself a bit to make some small scale games and it’s just so not how my meat-case of a skull thinks.

@denidimochka as one of those tech ppl, who can't even draw a decent stick figure, I'm really happy that there are ppl drawing boobs (and other stuff) ^^"

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