So I've been thinking about instance limits(keep in mind this is all coming from a non tech centered perspective)

-Prevents any instance monopolizing users.
-Decentralizing user collateral and investment.
-Less strenuous on Mods who work hard to provide safe environments.
-Encourages fediverse exploration instead of hatchlings funneling themselves into whatever is largest.
-Gives other baby instances opportunities to grow.

What're y'alls thoughts from your pov?

@denidimochka I think rather than limiting instance size, it would be more useful to make the installation process easier so people have an easier time making their own instances, and to make it easier to migrate accounts
like I'd love to make my own instance once I have the resources but every time I look at the documentation for how to do it I want to cry lol

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@EmergencyBattle I think we can do both and SHOULD do both. If we’re pushing for limits(which I’m for) we need to be pushing for more a streamlined laymen instance building/maintaining process for non programmers/coders. We need more instances and do we need instances to be easier and more accessible to build.

@denidimochka @EmergencyBattle is also working on solving the self-hosting problem but are a bit off from having useful docs and such
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