So I've been thinking about instance limits(keep in mind this is all coming from a non tech centered perspective)

-Prevents any instance monopolizing users.
-Decentralizing user collateral and investment.
-Less strenuous on Mods who work hard to provide safe environments.
-Encourages fediverse exploration instead of hatchlings funneling themselves into whatever is largest.
-Gives other baby instances opportunities to grow.

What're y'alls thoughts from your pov?

@denidimochka As a newbie to the fediverse I like these ideas. But I would like to see some sort of in-between the local instance and the fediverse so that, say, multiple art communities could combine into a micro fediverse if that makes sense.

@lithiumreflections @denidimochka this is partly here. There’s a new relay thing that shares all public posts immediately to the federated timelines. I will try to set it up. Id prefer being able to allow # or word filters even into local or a relay/curated timeline too.

As for the 10K number, i used to agree but we’re now at 7-8K but barely 1600 have been active in the past minth. I like looking at our timeline & knowing it wont scroll fast to consume - ie at like 1 post/5 min average maybe.

@Curator @denidimochka Yeah I do like the idea of having some sort of a # based feed or something. I love the pace on m-art but I would hate to miss out of seeing other artist's posts on other art-related instances when I have time to devote. (Obviously this can apply to any themed instances, my main interest here is just in the art communities.)

Some sort of larger collaboration between art communities that helps cross promote and share, without flooding local or getting lost in the big fed.

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@lithiumreflections @Curator for sure, nothings stopping us from federating w another art instance, and there SHOULD be plenty of other art instances to join or follow. You want one just for fanart?game art? Traditional?Beginner/Intermediate/Pro? One just for tutorials? One overlapping w programmers to build and discuss new better art tool? A lot of these awesome convos get lost when they’re lost in the gen TL but together where they can find each other they’d be so much more useful

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