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Leisure Class:We lead with our values!We believe in Morality! Good things, not bad things!

Proletariat: What if I told you we could end world hunger-

Leisure Class: Yes!

Proletariat:Guarantee enforceable protections for the marginalized-

Leisure Class:Yes!

Proletariat:End homelessness-

Leisure Class:YES!

Proletariat:-But you would have to drop from having the networth of an entire continent to just upper middle class....

Leisure Class:

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Any young artists who're thinking they HAVE to get an art degree, I literally sprayed some Windex on mine and cleaned dead ants with it.
'reFineIPromise 'tWorthWhatYou'llActuallyBeGetting 'tAnythingElse

Are there any Literature/Language PHD's or grammar majors on here? Is this situation: "A book thief steals a book titled "Book Thieving" Coincidence or Situational Irony?This battle has been going on for two days now and there's no end in sight...

Tom and Donna coulda gotten their own spinoff and it wouldve been amazing

After getting rejected from working on the The Expendables franchise I’m glad Steven Seagal found work writing dialogue for Altered Carbon.

Ahhh, clip studio paint is on sale! I can't recommend it enough.

I miss morning coffee☕️ , still cutting down on sugar, so now I'm back to sugar free creamer. Its not as wretched as I remember...🤔

I'm over rich folks being like "Money isn't everything. It doesn't buy happiness." No bruh, money won't cure depression. You know what it can do though? Get you a qualified therapist. House, feed, and clothe you so you can focus on getting better without going broke or homeless. Guarantee you can fill your Rx. Money≠happiness but it WILL give you chance after chance after chance to find your way there.

If your reaction to fast food workers striking to get $15/hr is “they don’t deserve to make that much because I don’t even make that much”, here’s our response to you: you deserve to make at least $15/hr, too.

So do fast food workers and maids and cashiers and janitors and childcare workers and interns and...

The goal is to eliminate wage labor, but so long as wage labor exists, everyone who sells their labor deserves a living wage.

The book college bound Baby Boomers/Gen Xers got vs what Millenials got 🤣 :

O.M.G. I fxxxing LOVE hair donuts. In like 4 minutes you can go from 7 day old idgf hair to being able to leave the house like a semi presentable adult. And the public will never know the truth.💅

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I kinda wish there was more of a conversation around certain toxicities that replicate themselves in just about every fanfic circle. The problematic things we read and read when we were young, the fragile fact that adults and adolescents contribute that literature to fandoms and how we go about critiquing the impact of that in a helpful and constructive way.

I love this cat unconditionally but there are days man, where I'm just like 'For the love of God, don't come over here and flop your ass across my keyboard. Not today.' 😒

It’s so weird how controversial gay adoption still is when we’ve been totally cool w the idea of a middle aged billionaire scooping up 10 yr old boy after 10 yr old boy since the 40’s. He doesn’t even adopt ‘em! They just become his ‘ward’. Tf is a ward?? And I’m sorry but does Gotham just not have social workers? I’ve never seen this dude go through a single check in!

Everyone in the Mastofam who is using the sweatdrop emoji for just about anything BUT Sin Juice, I am so proud of you. 👏


When are politicians going to have the balls to do away with poll tested, massively inoffensive campaign slogans? First one to be like "Jesse Doe 2022: 'Cause Fuck the Banks" gets my vote hands down. Also "Jesse Doe 2022: "Make Pokemon Day a National Holiday"