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Really proud of TTG’s employees filing a class action ✊ Game workers deserve so much more and I really hope it goes through. We NEED to unionize. With endless crunch, unpaid overtime, little to no sick/parental leave, poverty wages in some of the most expensive states in the country its never been more imperative to have a Game Workers Union. We need to fight for our seat at the table. Games CAN be made w/out CEOs & CFOs, but not w/out us🤜🤛

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Any young artists who're thinking they HAVE to get an art degree, I literally sprayed some Windex on mine and cleaned dead ants with it.
'reFineIPromise 'tWorthWhatYou'llActuallyBeGetting 'tAnythingElse

The best comment on the Bitcoin crash that I have ever read and will ever read:

"why is it still going down

why hasn't the government done anything to stop this"

Hey Y'all, so I'm interviewing with a couple studios so If anyone asks:

-I'm a good good worker girl🙌
-Strong on consumerism/weak on unions💪
-Go Meritocracy👍 ! Boo PC police👎 .
-My daughter's name is Blockchain "Market Disrupter" Dimochka Bitcoin🤱 📈.

Cool, play it straight🕶️, and we'll all meet up later at our secret SJW🕵️‍♀️ hideout for pancakes and coffee✌️ . Bring your Gay Agenda!

🎵 Hello Imposter Syndrome my old friend, I've come to cry to you again🎵

I now have made over 50 illustrations in this style and with the last batch of commissions, I saw a few repeats in the flowers :>

I don't see my progress in the characters but I can tell that my florals got a lot better~

sunflower, rose, marigold, asphodel

So my little brother started programming for the first time about two weeks ago (he’s 16) and he’s already published a few things onto the App Store! 😱

I’d really appreciate if you guys could check it out and support him. It’d definitely boost his motivation.

Bolivia's VP addressing #Clacso2018 : "If leftist governments don't make a systematic effort to transform the moral order, the old 'common sense' will return and reconstitute itself." @_CLACSO

Today is #ThankYouPatrons day and I want to thanks all my wonderful supporters who have made possible for me to keep working on my dream project: the fully free/libre, open-source and independent webcomic Pepper&Carrot. Thank you a million times for your support!

:make_like_edmonia: Thank you for inspiring others in the :fediverse: with your . :louis_toots_too: from behemoth :dali_persistance: unsocial networked algorithms as much as :frida_y_animalitos: you can & own y/our life, network & data. :bowie_stardust:

:mastodance: :mastodon: :funkwhale: :peertube: :pixelfed: :diaspora:

So Nazi/Rape/Pedo accts are simply an unbeatable problem WE gotta deal w but FApple kicks you off the playground and suddenly you’re murking every acct on THEIR Naughty List🤨?

if college taught me anything it's that student loans demonstrate how awesome the powers of the state to sieze and redistribute wealth really are

I canNOT describe my ocean of shame every time I see a post about Chance the Rapper & my first thought is "Man the dude from "I Love NY" career’s really taking off! I’m so happy for him😙" I have no idea why that dude from an early 2000’s reality show and his 3 man group "Stallionaires" has stayed w me this long😂

My fav\only Julia Stiles movie that no one remembers:Wicked. I wish she’d had better management because, for one shining moment early in her career, she had massive potential to be a modern day icy Hitchcockian scream queen. Her off kilter, borderline off putting, demeanor and other worldly awkwardness makes for a deliciously unsettling horror performance on screen. Unfortunately her manager and agent didn’t see that potential and guided her into underdog beauty teen roles😕

The Ecuadorian government wants to cut education, but also give handouts to the rich. Students took to the streets today to protest that #UsinRecortes

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