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Any young artists who're thinking they HAVE to get an art degree, I literally sprayed some Windex on mine and cleaned dead ants with it.
'reFineIPromise 'tWorthWhatYou'llActuallyBeGetting 'tAnythingElse

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When your client keeps making you paint straight characters 😤

oh right it's Friday and I should do an FF since I actually remember it for once

@Are0h is admin of his own instance, and working on a media platform that's supposed to be a safe space to share and create. His discussions about software/community building are interesting, and every day he posts a cute good morning message trying to put some positivity into people's days.

@ArtistMarciaX is a filmmaker and artist who also does artist reviews, and started the tag on mastodon.


I don’t wanna hear ish about my gen when this yoga wine mom is holding up a 13 person line to make this poor dude both read and paint a visual picture for her of every single thing on the menu😤

Now we know why 'Don't be evil' is no longer part of Google's code of conduct:

It's time to switch to an alternative that respects you and your data:
#HumanRights #FreedomOfSpeech #Privacy

I'm curious to see where blogging in its current form (via social media tooling and conventional forms) will go if people aim to move off silos/closed networks.

That's _IF_ they even consider.

Cool finally all submitted let’s hope anymore feedback isn’t too bonkers 🤞

🎵 Ba de ya, say do you remember
Ba de ya, dancing in September
Ba de ya, never was a cloudy day 🎵

separates of my look for tonight

sensitive for eye contact.

full look to come later when we finish getting ready at the hotel

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