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Any young artists who're thinking they HAVE to get an art degree, I literally sprayed some Windex on mine and cleaned dead ants with it.
'reFineIPromise 'tWorthWhatYou'llActuallyBeGetting 'tAnythingElse

I can only take LinkedIn is small, small, small incremental doses.😑


Happy Holiday All, if you're able please support your local black owned dispensary 😚


So there is no such thing as 'bad tacos' there's 'pretty good tacos' and 'set this mouthgasm in motion tacos'. I just found out reheating them in a George Foreman Grill can rocket them from the former to the latter. Oh yeah and no this isn't some weird sex metaphor. Weirdos.

So my psych appt is next week and I've got the same mixture of feelings that comes with getting a new therapist. A neapolitan swirl of optimism for the future 🤞 and a large degree of trepidation that nothing will help. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hey DMV, can y'all download some snapchat filters or something?? I'm sick of looking like hot ass in every ID

Its got clothes me and my S.O never wear, hygiene stuff, food and clean carrier for Bowser, a costco sized thing of water, non perishable snacks, can opener. Still need to get emergency walkie talkies and a better can opener because 95% of can openers are garbage apparently.


So since Cali's got some bonkers ass fire seasons and climate change is knocking on our collective doors asking if we've heard the good word I now have a permanent bug out bag in my closet.

Aaaanyway, it's always a good time to commission me. $60 for full figures, $30 for busts, $20 for bitchin' DnD style items. Add $10 to any of that and I'll pour some colors over it. Digital only. DMs are open, e-mail is in the bio. Thanks!

If you want to enable a new kind of Internet I suggest you get yourself to the 2018 #DWebSummit at the @internetarchive

The 2016 event was a watershed moment. Both @matrixdotorg and @ipfsbot launched there amidst a rich tapestry of technology, philosophy, ethics, and activism.

I'm going to work with my IA friends to make sure that more #platformcoop will be on offer. In 2016 Maira Sutton from Shareable was there, hoping for a lot more.

Sign up at decentralizedweb.net/

Just started a new kickstarter campaign to screen “ Mongolian Bling” a documentary film exploring hip hop in Ulanbaartar in the intersection of modernity and #Mongolia traditional cultures. More here in Japanese. plango.uplink.co.jp/project/s/

Hi community plus community, I need a little help. Does anyone know of any coop groups and/or tinyhouse groups in Eugene Oregon? Any info would be amazing 🙏

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Tired: Book Club❌

Wired: FanFic Club✅