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New intro for the Tumblr exodus:

My name is Deni, a Bombass Ambassador🕶 of the MastoArt🎨 fam, bespectacled BiSexual🏳️‍🌈, an-com🏴, and hot dumpster fire🔥. I guess I also do art good for gamnes🎮 kinda. Please ignore me, my whole thing is I just want attention.

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CEOs: Look we’re not doing this completely rational thing because we can’t fiscally justify it to the shareholders.

Devs: We want to unionize.

CEOs: So you greedy fux are gonna desecrate this ancient sacred art form by making it all about the money?

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Really proud of TTG’s employees filing a class action ✊ Game workers deserve so much more and I really hope it goes through. We NEED to unionize. With endless crunch, unpaid overtime, little to no sick/parental leave, poverty wages in some of the most expensive states in the country its never been more imperative to have a Game Workers Union. We need to fight for our seat at the table. Games CAN be made w/out CEOs & CFOs, but not w/out us🤜🤛

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Any young artists who're thinking they HAVE to get an art degree, I literally sprayed some Windex on mine and cleaned dead ants with it.
'reFineIPromise 'tWorthWhatYou'llActuallyBeGetting 'tAnythingElse

Israel is growing closer to Brazil since the far-right's Bolsonaro rose to power.

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Hello .Art'ists! I understand there's been some confusion today. Unfortunately I didn't see that until late so I really need to head to bed, but to all of you here:

If you have any questions about the rules -- any of them -- feel free to ask us mods. We're here to help, and we'll do so as soon as possible.

...Which unfortunately won't be super soon for me personally right now, but I promise I still try to respond as fast as I can in general 😅 💦

Good night! :mastodance:

Y'all, I'm not trying to be super extra or anything but y'alls friendship has really meant a lot to me. Your support for these little successes and your comfort in depressing failures. Thank you, really❤️ .

this is porky!!!! he’s v big for a potbellied pig and a very gentle giant. he’s also got an amazing mohawk and thick hair.

(video has sounds!! and close up of his eyes/pig eye contact)

#pigs :pigbutt:

there was a pig dropped off today that was so mad about being left there he wouldn't eat the treats his people left him until they were gone lmao

i crawled into his pen and fed them to him and gave him some belly rubs. he's a good boy but #pigs can be like children sometimes

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Whew, yoga on workout recovery days really help. I might have to make this a thing.

Après discussion avec Sylvhem je pense remettre en route un moyen de faire des dons pour aider aux frais de Eldritch Café.

Nous ne recevons plus du tout de dons via Liberapay depuis la galère de Mangopay parce que je n'ai pas fait de compte Stripe.

Le fonctionnement de liberapay étant un peu confus maintenant imo j'hésite quand même à mettre en place TransPay (ce qui est utilisé sur dons.transposé

A votre avis, ça vaut le coup d'héberger TransPay ou de rester sous Liberapay ?


Miles Morales is what i NEED in my LIFE

Maga: These sad little cuck nuggets🤬 What’s up Snowflake, you need your saaaaafe spaaaace??

*BPP & Antifa existing*


These countries banning Facebook disgust me. Y’all have have this tech the WHOLE damn time & DIDNT share that ish w the folx that need it most??

I'm going to write a game design doc concerning the thoughts I had about survival games a few days ago. I can't get it off my mind, so I might as well write it down.

@denidimochka Destiny too. Plumbing our nostalgia for microtransactions is so hot right now.

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