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rune ♡ commissions open! ☆

so my job finished yesterday and I have no income til I find something so if anyone wants to commission me drop me a message or email me!

I can do most things (original characters, fandom things, lewds etc,. I'm just not good at vehicles) but nothing offensive/hurtful

so uh maybe check out my patreon and maybe give a pledge I'm posting my finals from college which are some a+ shit

a progress post featuring my mc from Heroes Rise! I started in 2015 so it's like 3 years, starting from the upper left to lower right. I'm loving where my style has gone tbh

mild gore/body horror Show more

a commission for a friend on Tumblr ovo if y'all want one message me!

I'm gonna post these again, just in case c: my commissions are indefinitely open, and I'm taking on as many as I can handle. our benefits have been cut by £30 a week and we're struggling to make ends meet.

also, my sharks are still on offer! £10 each or 3 for £25

some papercut/silhouette stuff from college. not too bad to say I cut myself on the scalpel twice

Hey y'all! my commissions are open! I can do more or less anything (I won't do machines or anything hateful or offensive) explicit lewd and mild gore are okay, as are OCs, fursonas, and existing characters. also, if you're a $5+ patron of me on Patreon you can get money off!
you can find more of my art on this account, or

I updated my patreon y'all

I'm gonna start posting more there, so if anyone wants to support me, anything is appreciated!

festive Gastly for a friend on the Tumblr c: done in watercolours cuz I love them so much

Hey all I'm offering holiday shark commissions to help us out over Christmas

they're £10 each and if you want more than one I can discount them

there's more information on my tumblr post here