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Hey folks! Fans of my quality, hand-crafted toots and of supporting poor, disabled trans women can make my existence on this plane a little less difficult and a little more joyful by shoving fat wads of digital cash into this dank orifice:

Thank you! I love you all!

the first page of my comic for a college unit, using characters made and developed from exquisite corpse!

here's the rest of it

hey! here's some commission info!

we're really struggling with food and bills again, so i feel the need to post this again.

the full description and payment information is here, along with some examples

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I'm sorry to be posting this again, but we have no money for shopping and we need food. We had a mishap with PayPal and now we're down £40 until it come back through. Plus I didn't get paid as I got overpaid a few weeks back. I should hopefully be getting paid on Friday (we should be getting paid on the 23rd but that's a Sunday so idk)

If anyone can help til then I'll love you forever

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a commission for a friend of his new dnd paladin! i love her.

So I recently lost my permanent job and I was left with no income except from Patreon, and the benefits that Caelyn gets and we’re currently getting by on donations for food and bills.

Message or email me at if you want to commission me, and my PayPal is the same.

I won’t do machines or anything hateful or offensive. Explicit nudity/gore/sexual content/fetish is all okay as is everything else

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so my job finished yesterday and I have no income til I find something so if anyone wants to commission me drop me a message or email me!

I can do most things (original characters, fandom things, lewds etc,. I'm just not good at vehicles) but nothing offensive/hurtful

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