Finished up another scene of Sombulus! Sydney's origin story is revealed, and many big emotions commenced. Which is great because I got to draw a lot of good faces this scene. Catch up on the story at!

Loved the cute little punk girl my buddy Star designed over on Instagram for her Redraw challenge! Here’s a redraw in my style!

(Check out her post to try your own!

One of my favorite Sombulus pages from 2018. Looking forward to another year of my webcomic drawing the good good magical shenanigans!

When you get a ton of incubators and you can finally do something with all your lemoneggs.

Just finished up the second scene in the latest arc of my webcomic Sombulus! Here's some of my favorite panels from the recent chapter. 😀

When you wanna dress up in Christmas clothes but your dorky brother just isn't getting in the spirit. ☃️
Cioara and Tenge are from my webcomic!

Packing up some orders! I hope the folks getting these stickers for Christmas enjoy them! 🎄 Get your own and support my work at

Big shoutout to my buddy Riana who was my colorist for this week's Sombulus pages! Here's a doodle I did last year of her character Wahida from her Suihira. Check it out and support her work!

The Captain's Pack appears in the 1001 Knights anthology. It's a short comic I wrote and drew about a girl who finds a pack of puppies and trains them to be ! 🐺

It's running on my Patreon all this month (!

Hi, I'm Christina! I draw and write a world-hopping adventure comic called Sombulus, which you can read a new page of every Tuesday and Thursday at


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