Had some time for figure sketching finally. Will try to make a visual post tomorrow.

Anyways, great model:


one of lifetime inspirations of mine

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Beautiful cover design!

Oh and nice drawings too... ;)
Looks dope!

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馃檹 - @slowhed_comics@twitter.com


How do you do that and keep a minimal amount of layers?

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Here's are few lighting explorations demos I've done for the digital landscape class this term. :)

New videos from Steven Zapata!


I highly recommend if you have problems with focusing and getting into flow state.

Good morning!

Never enough of these

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Spaceships by John Harris

I particularly liked this episode of Draftsmen from @StanProkopenko@twitter.com and Marshall Vandruff

This is a poetry in ink.

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day 7 'before the frost'

this inking... woah!

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Bernie Wrightson art from The Monsters: Color the Creature Book released in 1974.

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