Tried sketching on -16C yesterday, instantly freezing water made interesting textures.
I wish this Winter weather stay for longer but weather forecast doesn't give hope.

[winter, snow creaks and sparkles]

Not all that colorful is a toy and candies, sometimes it's a dragon ;)

[dragons, I haven't thought of them for some time]

First sketch I like in 2021. Happy accident happened here as I put my finger into the paint.

[no-Winter Winter]

Instagram likes vs my favorites :)

2021 may be bit less productive, wish me a lot of energy guys :)
And I wish you strong health and positive energy as well!

Hey everyone, how's it going?
I made this 800th sketch on Christmas Eve.

[It's getting dark but the star won't be visible tonight]

More 5 min sketches:

Wesołych Świąt!
Marry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!

And may 2021 be good for us all.

You can share this postcard as much as you want!

Sketched these from Croquis Cafe , then composed in @Krita

Would you share your figure sketches? I'd love to see!

Anyone needs characters, icons, chibis or portrait drawings for their Powerpoint presentation?

Cause I can do it :D

Yeyyy! Yesterday I got this picture from @lordampersand. What a great feeling to know that my calendar will actually be used somewhere in the world! :da_boogie: :da_boogie: :da_boogie:

Ilustracja okładkowa dla projektu ”Bajki z Kapelusza”
Bajki dla dzieci w formie czytanej można usłyszeć tu:

Cover illustration for „Fairytales from the Hat” project. Available in polish, links above.

Morning! Yesterday it was snowing, all melted today already and who knows if we see another snow this Winter. Climate has changed and the children of today don't know Winter fun anymore here.

[snowing and sledge today]

More 5 min sketches:

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