@popolon I've seen many bonsai trees made by japanese bonsaists (is that a word) that had micro-landscapes as well so I don't feel like the one exclude the other? Am I wrong? I'd like to learn. But anyways it doesn't matter too much in this case as it's just a prompt for having fun with ink.

Sure, the two arts probably collide most of the time. That was just a more precise definition for a bonzai/penzai with a little landscape.
There is another term in japanese for this art, that's Saikei (栽景, using the sai/zai 栽 de bonsai/benzai 盆栽) and the kei/jing 景 de benkei/penjing 盆景).

Besidde, I agree the composition of your drawing is very nice, I really love it.


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