What do I do when I get followed by the legend? How can I still post my crap?


For those who don't know who Andreas is. He's a comic books icon, author of such masterpieces as Rork which is one of the best comics I ever read. Take a look a this.

@deerbard I'm very glad to find someone who also likes Andreas!
It may be daunting to be followed by him, but what a sign of esteem! Good for you!

@wim_v12e Not daunting at all, I felt really great, such a warm feeling. Even if he just refollow everyone. Even the fact of finding he's active on social media. It was like I could shake his hand almost. Amazing :)

Those black and white prints remind me of Bernie Wrightson's illustrations for Frankenstein.

@brettleeper They both have my endless admiration cause of that.

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