Sharing new on and , two parts of three already there. It'll be all uploaded by the evening.

@deerbard nice! looks like something inspired by Moebius's artwork.

@polychrome Thx a lot! Although I don't look at Moebius's works too much, many people say that and I'm happy to hear cause I love his illustrations.

@deerbard @polychrome

Same art-line style, same colors, same kind of clothing shape and pattern, same kind of environment (deserts). Floating people in this desert with buble around. Same kind of organic shapes on tools. The question is more which details are not in Moebius style ;).

@popolon @polychrome Wow! I just searched his works again and you're right. This particular image is the most Moebius thing I've ever done! His works are really beautiful, I think I have them stuck deep in my mind and they were one of my main inspiration for trying to clean up my style. Just one thing - Moebius works are way better.


@popolon @polychrome Btw I even add to my Pixelfed/Instagram posts with these characters from some time after few people said it looks moebius-ish :)

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