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A had a guest... See? My bug characters are legit! The moss came from above... It's a sign!

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Exciting news!
I just published my second zine on Gumroad. This time I brushed up and collected the works of last summer when things got dead serious. I spent a whole month drawing monsters and it really changed me.

The zine is pay what you want so you can get the zine for free, too!

These four might be my favorite from this year of character sketching...

But they're not
Cause I love them all 😂

Support me on :ko_fi: to see many more come next year!

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Done! Mandala in the style of Germanic Gothic architecture.

A4 size watercolour paper, black archival ink, pencils.

If you'd like to adopt this original drawing, $50 USD which includes worldwide shipping. Message me to buy!

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Cracking on with this. Using a Sakura Pigma Micron 01 just now.

My tiny sketchbook started to crack :( nothing's perfect.

It't the story I wrote for the 2020 calendar.
Here is a better quality picture from it at the top

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Write a verse
Put it in your purse
Or in a locket
Or a jacket pocket.

Forget about it
Let it age a bit
Find it, months gone by
Take it out and maybe cry.

I know how it sounds but it's about a princess.. And a dragon... But also a blue dog, giant uncle and more characters... It's about a short journey to become a better person. Beware, I'm no writer :)


Just to clarify.
I'm talking about a PDF version here.

What would you say? Still don't know if I can find somebody to translate but first I wanted to ask you.

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If you like any of my character drawings, they're great for t-shirts (I wear few already on daily basis) and t-shirts are great for gifts!

Just contact me here or via email.


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