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Bit late but here I go with 2019 stuff for

I do digital illustrations, paintings, children's book illustrations (I made my own illustrated short story) and cartoony characters.

Also traditional sketches:

Commissions open!

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Finally I've started working on a project I came upon an idea for about half a year ago.

Working name "Deneurotization"

WIP lineart

So glad the stream happened. Need more!

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400 followers on Mastodon! 🎆 🎉 🎇 🎉

Thx a lot for this, everyone! I'm gonna continue sharing my and all the posts as well as !

Please never hesitate to leave me a comment, feedback or a question.


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Feeling slightly dystopian. I can hear megaphones asking people to stay home. I can hear them from my room.

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I'm looking for guides to secure and limit as much as possible!

For Art School, I MUST get a (or mac but no) Computer with CC. I've tried to do it with CS6 on my but it's just not running smooth enough to keep up with my class.
At least I've decided to get myself a dedicated work laptop to place the "corporate" stuff on.
Still, I'd like to limit telemetry, reduce bloat and secure the system as much as possible. Any tips would be appreciated!

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A star lantern to light your path when the night is too dark 🌟
Posted the process for patrons here:

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Dire times, dire measures.
I doubt a manul has an understanding of toilet paper, but hoards it either way because he saw others do it. Don't be like this 😄

Big shout-out to
They just supported a number of creators which is appreciated in these hard moments!

Thanks to it I'm much closer to buying these additional watercolor half-pans once I can actually visit the store. Hoooray!

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Another test - I guess this one will stay as it is, spent various days on it. Made it with great @opensource application - super glitchy and buggy though :(


Musicians,writers, poets... if you are in need of artwork for your album or book cover, I am going offer many of my EXISTING drawings and paintings for usage at zero cost,just the usual credits ,if interested dm me for details.I know all creatives are as strapped as each other


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here's a crop of the march wallpaper for patreon, sign up to see it all the comics, illustrations and concept art ANLW that i post. 🌼🌼

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Albert #Uderzo left us today... "Astérix" was certainly the first comic I read and his generous curved drawing style had a big impact on my way to draw. Rest in peace.

Paper makes huge difference in drawing experience. Experiment with different kinds to see which works how. It's very hard for me to make subtle edges or details on this toned paper cause it has much more of a texture. But it's fun for quicker sketches.

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