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Bit late but here I go with 2019 stuff for

I do digital illustrations, paintings, children's book illustrations (I made my own illustrated short story) and cartoony characters.

Also traditional sketches:

Commissions open!

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Finally I've started working on a project I came upon an idea for about half a year ago.

Working name "Deneurotization"

WIP lineart

So glad the stream happened. Need more!

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deerbard boosted needs artists to interview! Teens, kids, and people making animations especially invited.

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day 14
How do you remember all that back muscles. And I didn't even watch lower back.

Nobody knows me better than Google.
Nothing new but worth remembering every day.

day 12 abs
Every single day of this challenge I wish I had more time for it. I barely skratch the surface of the knowledge put into these videos by

also reminds me... so long no floating houses stream




day 11
Repeating the skeletal structure of the torso. I feel like I'm starting to remember things :D Maybe some muscles tomorrow for the change?

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day 10
Today just copied drawing top back muscles. I wish I had more time. To be continued.

day 9
Hard times trying to put scapulas and shoulder blades on the rib cage

Same second I wrote it I received an email. Black magic.

But the answer was „wait for an answer”.

Give me strength.

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I absolutely don't check my email every five minutes for promised email that should come yesterday and now I think it will never come but still hold on to this little stupid unreasonable hope.

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