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So I uploaded the final top line of this illustration :) It's all on Insta, Pixelfed and in best resolution on my website.

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I made in my style for @ossifog who provided me with sketches. We were both very happy with the results so I'm gonna say: Hit me with such commissions! I'm sooo open to drawing your tattoo ideas with my style! :bob_ross: 🦌

Character sketch
- for early view and support

For those who think it's sensitive - it's not woman's nipples, these are just circles I covered the nipples with!

I'm so easy to break. I search for inner force. Love is the answer.

I liked 's questions one may ask when not certain if a painting is finished. So I wrote them down.

These are very similar to my feelings about it but I never organized these chaotic thoughts before! Thx, Cynthia!

Had some problems with payin for my website on time but it's safe now, info confirmed :)

Just discovered I lost some work done when power went down last week. I hate when it happens.

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Yes, blocked a little. It's a direct consequence of not having time for drawing. Have to break through this wall.



Photo by Antonio Verlado


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Sorry for the absence of posts past 2 weeks y'all, ive had alot of work stuff on my mind, been sick and im just now barely beating the manflu that i had, but heres a mood painting i did for the bjornament round 2, the topic was a song, and im terrible at topics like that cause its really hard for me to get my mood affected by music as i've heard other ppl do. but tried to capture the mood of the song into this painting, hopefully i did a good enough of a job.


Art Book 2019 go to the Printing works next Monday!
You can buy one now here:
110 pages full color, 21x29,7 cm, Hardback on 135 gr paper.
Shipping WorldWide without add cost.
58 USD all included.


Meet Mindful Turtle Theodore. He's patient but he finally got annoyed by your phone beeping all the time.

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