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I'm a freelance illustrator currently looking for jobs. I do full illustrations, character sketches. I can also make simple cute architecture designs.

In free time I love to sketch from life with watercolors.

Meanwhile I still have some characters to upload. This one was exceptional and I feel like experimenting in this direction more in the future.

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I've got an idea to put some of my character sketches on t-shirts for x-mas presents. Will show you the pics after I get them cause maybe it's a cool idea? What do you think guys?

If I'm lazy that's only because I'm losing my touch with reality

I have this idea to take my character sketches a little tiny step further. I'll think about it.

me: - Finally day for drawing!
life: - Get back to bed, you're sick today!

see you laters, world

Very cool video/ with by

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GRIS - Reveal Trailer

I would love to be part of creative team for such a project

Even most productive day isn't that good without . Today's character sketch was taken from my reserves. But I'm gonna have my 2 or 3 hours for drawing. So !

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