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If life is beating you down right now, I hope this song can help a little bit

🎵 The Journey (ft. Eleanor Forte)

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It’s weird hearing no fireworks on July 4th except tiny ones neighbors are lighting in their driveways, kinda surreal. I’m all for it though, fireworks are noisy.

I just have to finish the lyric video that’s gonna take me way longer than I originally thought lol

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Tree against brick wall. Robot rollerball on sketch paper.

and peeps: Do you have any tips/tricks/helpful tutorials for mixing and mastering? I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to that lol

writing song introductions is the bane of my existence dkjflsjdfljs

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me: UTAU is cool! but making an English VCCV UST from scratch is hard

my brain: why is this the very first thing you're trying to do with UTAU you dummy

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Hey, space fans! Don't forget that the Crew Dragon launches today at 4:33 PM EDT (20:33 UTC). You can watch the live stream on YouTube, Twitter, etc.

The aliens secretly watching us probably think it's cute.

I started a Youtube channel for my songs and other music so check it out if you want!

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✨ IDK WHAT TO MAKE will be a free pdf zine, and i am looking for submissions! ✨

i am imagining this zine as a survival guide for anyone who wants to make something but can’t figure out what. it will be divided into sections and i would love to fill it with as much inspiration as possible!

please send submissions to with the subject “IDK ZINE SUBMISSION” by june 30th. be sure to include how you want to be credited.

see this thread for more info, and please boost! 🖤

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duckduckgo how do i hack my hearing aids to play the win95 startup noise instead of the Miracle-Ear™️ jingle

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so my desktop's firefox is busted for some reason??? guess this is a good time to finally do that windows reinstall i've been wanting to do lol

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PSA to all Musicians on Fedi

sothere's a massive music program sale for $49 where it gives you $800+ worth of music programs?

covid-19 mention 

something quarantine has taught me: being introverted does NOT mean you don't need in-person social interaction

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