in case anybody was wondering how pathfinder was going tonight

looked at the stats on my collection of wallpapers

do i have a problem? i might have a problem

New vocal synth song! I'm still trying to get the hang of writing original music, but I think I'm getting better!

🎵 Pages (ft. Eleanor Forte)🎵

new vocal synth song coming soon??? if i ever finish it, sure lol

>neighbors blasting bass through the walls again
>no problem, put noise cancelling headphones on
>can still hear it
>puts head on desk in exasperation
>mfw i can feel the beats through my desk

I’m 4 deep in the line for the car wash at the ol’ HEB, just a normal Saturday morning in central Texas lol

And so begins my journey into vocal synthesis....... This is honestly the most fun I've had with a project since college and I hope you enjoy it too!

(also I remembered to actually use tags this time so yay me)

🎵 Soaring (ft. Eleanor Forte)🎵

In 2016 I wrote a bunch of bleeps and bloops that, for various reasons, never saw the light of day.....until now!

This was the first real musical project I ever worked on. You could say I was "blowin' off dust" from that side of my brain I guess lol

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