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Hi everyone I'm Daniel and I suck at the thing but here we go:

I'm an IT student who spent a couple years studying graphic design and is trying to get back into the art groove after being out of it for a while. I watch a lot of anime and listen to a lot of old video game music, so I cover anime songs in 16-bit for fun. I'm also big into esports but I promise I won't flood your timeline with it lol

🎵 Chiptune things:

If you just got followed by a @SpearmintAvenue, I'm moving over to that account. I probably won't use this one for anything now, so drop a follow there if you like my stuff I guess

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it might be nice to have something brand new that wouldn't possibly be linked to any old accounts that might have personally identifiable stuff...... i've gotten to the point where being as anonymous as possible online seems like the smartest thing to do

ooooh i found a username that i really like and i might switch to it, but that means a new account if i want the handle to change hmmmm

to my fall 2014 drawing class where we had a mastercopy assignment. I copied a page of Edward Gorey's book "The Gashlycrumb Tinies"

trying to copy a serif typeface by hand is.... not easy lol

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I don't want a #Lost reboot.

I don't want any reboots.
I want new voices, new ideas ...

I want MORE stories, not the same stories retold over and over and over (which is barely possible these days).

American television needs to stop stealing, borrowing, remaking foreign material and it needs to stop rehashing it's own.

There's so much great art out there, so many stories being told in a variety of mediums.

American audiences and producers need to be open to taking more risks ...

so i somehow passed 5000 plays on soundcloud???? it feels weird to have so many other people enjoy a pet project of mine

especially since i'm uploading maybe once a month if i'm ambitious kjdflksjdf

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Don't mind me, local timeline just reminded me of this cute little piece that I did last year. 🍜🦊🍥 #art #fussy

wait was there a football game on tonight

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One of the 8th graders I work with made a joke that RIP stands for Rest In Pepperoni, so this happened.

holy crap a silent voice was so good jkdhsjfkshk

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now all i need on spotify is the non non biyori soundtrack and my life will be complete

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so I discovered the click five last night and my ears have been very happy ever since

another day, another "boy i'm glad i quit facebook months ago"

hmmm maybe I should use a password manager 🤔

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