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Hi everyone I'm Daniel and I suck at the thing but here we go:

I'm an IT student who spent a couple years studying graphic design and is trying to get back into the art groove after being out of it for a while. I watch a lot of anime and listen to a lot of old video game music, so I cover anime songs in 16-bit for fun. I'm also big into esports but I promise I won't flood your timeline with it lol

🎡 Chiptune things:

going through the pictures i have of myself trying to find some suitable for a personal website and

i have zero good photos of myself lol

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why is writing about yourself so hard skdljgflsjdf

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A reminder to keep an eye on your as summer heats up! 🐱 [thread]

Cats don't regulate their thirst like dogs or humans.

In the wild, cats get most of their moisture from food, like rodents. When they're thirsty, their 1st instinct is to eat, not drink.

Many cats are also picky about their water source. They don't like water that's close to their food or water that's stagnant. (Could be contaminated.)

❗ Make sure they have fresh, clean water at all times. Provide wet food, if you can.

Boy there's nothing like a debilitating stomach bug leaving you in bed for the whole weekend πŸ˜–

Luckily it was gone by Sunday night so I feel better now, but still that's no fun at all

my apartment complex gave everyone new washer/dryer units but didn't hook up the drain hose on mine so instead of draining the water down the drain, it drained it onto my floor πŸ‘

Using Grav to work on a proper website for myself and it's so easy???? No joke the hardest part of the whole thing so far has been deciding what content to put on there lol

can we talk about the pants this guy at the hockey game is wearing

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so last weekend i finally moved out of my parents' house into my own apartment so that's why i've been silent for so long, life's been nuts these past few days kdjflskjdflks

but i'm finally getting settled in so hopefully i can get back to making things again πŸ‘€

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someone please take my graphic software away from me

i'm bored so here's a vector of the clannad school insignia

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absolutely nobody:

not a single living soul:

me, standing on my chair with a megaphone: i love saywer cats don't dance!!!

I might have to stop watching Senryu Shoujo because if it gets any cuter I might die

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A:, my disk, my floppy disk
B:, another disk to run
C:, the name I call myself
D:, another partition
F:, a network-loaded drive
H:, my home dir far away
Z:, the last I can assign
And that brings us back to

1. Open DefleMask
2. Slam face on keyboard
3. Export as .wav
4. ????
5. Profit

γ€Œlull ~Soshite Bokura wa~」- Nagi no Asukara OP (Genesis/Mega Drive version)

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