really need to make a proper ref sheet of them but god I hate drawing feet

fellas who can recommend me some procreate brushes? been trying to get used to procreate :’)

thanks for all the bday wishes!!! i had a good day and hope 2020 treats me well 😔🙏✨

just finished a commission hsdhfsdhf it's been some time since i pixelled this hard

these ocs belong to other people so please don't use them without permission!

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hadn't been posting much bc i'm working on commissions but here's some of my old works i'm still proud of

it’s late and i can’t get to all the comments but tysm for the warm response on my art!!! i’ve always been jittery sharing art on twitter but i like how cozy mastodon is 😔💕

Hey I'm Wren! Just a lad having a cool time with art!


hashdh sorry for deleting my intro toot!!!! i had to change some things so i'll be putting it up again aaa

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