Created my first fiverr gig (it may be controversial, but I'm trying to gain some traction in the art business)

Feel free to check it out :3

Did a Medusa for my GF, we tattooed the lines the days and she nearly died as she wanted it on her tummy.... I had my fun :3

Painted a Pretty wabbit, now tattooed it - or rather started it! So hyped to colour it next time! Who doesn't like a good flying rabbit bird mech thingy

I think I did a good job for someone who has actively tattooed for around a year then, what would you say?

Tried out something different than usual, need that for my tattooing exam :3 How do you like it?

Painted an Eurasian Jay for an Upcoming tattoo I'm hopefully able to do soon..

What's your thoughs on it folks? :)

Today I wanna share with you one of my favourite tattoos I did so far, a pretty Hummingbirb for my lovely Mum.

I hope so bad for still being able to tattoo things like this, as with January almost all tattoo colours on the market (EU) will be illegal to use on Customers, which makes me very sad.

Anyway, hope you have/had a great day!

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Hi, I'm new here. I make artsy art and want to share it with people I don't yet know :3

I have not really an idea how mastodon works yet, anybody up for a brief intro?


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