I am playing a *DVD*

My gaming laptop shouldn't turn into a freaking hot plate

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Day 2

I have paid off my first house loan

I am unstoppable

Working on the pencils of "Sarah Neslo, Exorcist" for the upcoming #TalesFromTheFediverse issue. That perspective tool is so handy!

#MakingComics :krita:#krita #mastoart

oh my god Animal Crossing is so good

shame they decided to change/update the sound effects, though, they were pretty iconic

The Pokemon Trading Card Game

Or, as nobody likes to call it, Pokermon

I appreciate that Cartoon Network actually tries to avoid giving any late-arrival spoilers to Steven Universe through their episode descriptions but like as the show gets more plot heavy the episode descriptions get increasingly more vague.

all right I'm gonna be honest, around like mid-season 2 the Steven Universe writers got *really* good at filling the quarter hour timeslot, I'm actually pretty impressed

although that could also be the fact that
a. the other quarter-hour shows I've regularly watched are from Adult Swim which make far greater use of dead air and
b. I've been watching MST3K and its derivatives which generally run for 90+ minutes

either way I'm impressed with the show's writing

me: [touches my computer and zaps myself with static electricity discharge]

me: I have become one with technology

I started watching Steven Universe today because Cartoon Network’s website has the entire series

And I’m slowly realizing that it’s probably because the series finale airs soon and once that’s done they’ll most likely be gone again

Hoo boy do I ever have my time cut out for me

Here's one for the arty-type peeps that are stuck inside with a couple of other people: Drawful 2 is free on Steam today

Haven't heard anyone talking about it, and I'm kind of surprised, honestly

[At a coffee shop]
"So what'll you have?"

"A triple cafe mocha, some cream, pinch of sugar, with caramel and whipped cream."

"You must be the new recruit. Come this way." [Opens secret door to spy hideout]

"...but this is what I normally order..."

I mean Pokemon SwSh had this warning, too and it turned out that we were getting two expansion packs for it

And I mean I'm all for Sims-style game expansion packs for Animal Crossing (provided they're reasonably priced) but like why?

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Looking at the ACNH ESRB rating and it has an In-Game Purchases warning?

uh what?

some self-loathe 

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some self-loathe 

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some self-loathe 

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