It's finally time to officially announce Volume 4! Submissions are open now until August 8th, the stories themselves are due on November 7th for a November 14th release! If you're a writer and/or artist and want to be featured, DM me with your ideas for stories or covers!
The rules are below, but just to be a bit more concise (these rules were made a year ago), just make sure your submissions don't violate the .ART CoC!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

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@david_a_webcomic I love the initiative! I was excited to see that the volumes so far were quite large already. Maybe a custom simple, static website would be justified already to collect all those great works?

As another idea, have you considered theming the volumes? Themes might inspire people to submit content.

I follow a zine that themes every second issue, to also allow space and time to collect random stuff, too.

@cornflower @david_a_webcomic

Agreed about the first point! I've collected them on my website too: ; the more places where you can find these, the better. :)

@yncke @david_a_webcomic Great! I did not know this, maybe it helps for promotion to mention the list of volumes with a link in your Mastodon profile? I think getting an overview of all issues published is also good advertisement.

@cornflower Thanks for reading!
Unfortunately, I don't think I have the funds to host a website to host the zine, but I've definitely thought about it.
I've also thought about theming the volumes, ultimately though, given that I have a few continuing stories and the zine is only published twice a year, having a theme every other issue would mean that the continuing stories, since they probably wouldn't fit the theme, would only get updated once a year.
Those are excellent suggestions, though!

@david_a_webcomic Thanks!

I think the list @yncke maintains is pretty good already!

Apart from that it would only cost time for a one-time setup, as there are many services that allow webhosting of such static content for free (Github/Gitlab Pages,, others).

Yes I understand the point about theming. I believe in such long cycles it does not make much sense (and would also provide no real benefit, I guess).

@cornflower :
Ah yes, GitLab pages is a very good idea!

@david_a_webcomic : I can look into that if you want something more dedicated than my site.

@yncke Thanks for offering, but I don't want to put the pressure on you! You already have a website so you're already doing better than I am. When I find some time I'll look through the resources @cornflower provided (thanks for those, too)!

@david_a_webcomic @cornflower

I wouldn't be offering it if I felt it was too much pressure. I'd be glad to help. :)

I can reuse the part of my website that shows the minizine, as my website is something that could be hosted on GitLab as is. I already have the core tech of my website GitLab as well ( , so I can copy paste from there too. :)

I could setup the framework and you could make the website look the way you want it, for example.

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