sometimes I really wish I could draw like literally everybody else on this site. there's a lot more character that I could define if i could actually draw human anatomy.
and yet many times, I feel like I'm fine where I am
I just want a way to kind of define the physical look of my characters in a more detailed fashion, but just can't bring myself to do so...
and I'd totally commission but I don't have money at my disposal for such things...


I also kinda wanna get to know some of my fellow artists here, too, but dammit I'm too awkward in general to even think of starting conversations...

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Do I want to talk to people? Yes, absolutely! Can I bring myself to do so? Hell no.

It just kinda sucks.

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@david_a_webcomic just say hellllo! Or ask a question about the piece. Artists love to talk about themselves and their work :)

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