sometimes I really wish I could draw like literally everybody else on this site. there's a lot more character that I could define if i could actually draw human anatomy.
and yet many times, I feel like I'm fine where I am
I just want a way to kind of define the physical look of my characters in a more detailed fashion, but just can't bring myself to do so...
and I'd totally commission but I don't have money at my disposal for such things...

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I also kinda wanna get to know some of my fellow artists here, too, but dammit I'm too awkward in general to even think of starting conversations...

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Do I want to talk to people? Yes, absolutely! Can I bring myself to do so? Hell no.

It just kinda sucks.

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@david_a_webcomic just say hellllo! Or ask a question about the piece. Artists love to talk about themselves and their work :)


A great place to start is

Is made for photoshop but essentially works for any libre software art program ;)

@david_a_webcomic You could retroactively join my challenge, which is designed to be pain at first but quickly give you knowledge of drawing people (at least portraits) and boom you also have a shared talking point with all the other people doing it :D
In my experience, attempting something, (usually) failing and then discussing your experience is a great way to start a conversation with any artist~ (Heck, the same approach is giving you replies to your comment right now)

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