Hey so I kinda sorta wanna start on another comic series that I’ve been conceptualizing for a couple of years now but never found the right execution. I’d probably start production after TFTF Vol 2, but right now I’m kinda thinking of the logistics. I feel like actually posting it on a dedicated webcomics hosting site (like Tapas or something like that), but I’ve never actually *tried* to do something like that. Anyone have any recommendations on what site to use, if any at all?

@david_a_webcomic I've always just done my webcomics myself. When I did "Zyf and Balthrix" and "Egroeg the Knight Slayer" I just used a WYSIWYG web editor. I used "Kompozer" sp? But that hasn't been updated for years, I think "Blue Griffin" is the current open source go to. For my current website (now we've been using Wix which has the advantage of being easy to use for a group of people. If I were doing it for just me I would still use a WYSIWYG editor.

@david_a_webcomic Tapas is good, very easy to use and with a potential build in fanbase

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