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Ah hey lemme just post my Ko-Fi address so I can pin it.

I have all my strips here in this convenient location, and, if you feel so obliged, it doubles as place to throw some money at me! It'll mean a lot if you could!


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Greetings (again) (for the third time) fediverse! I am David: A Webcomic and this is my tertiary(?) profile on Mastodon. I'm a comic writer/artist of varying quality with a series that I've been working on for the past... 10 months now? I think? I've decided to get a .art account to bring my weird drawings and other assorted posts to a larger instance, so I really hope everything works out!

It appears that somehow, the HDMI cable I use to connect my tablet to my computer just kinda stopped working.

I don't know how an HDMI cable breaks without visible fraying, but I guess a year and a half of plugging and unplugging the thing has just kinda broken it.


And now: More wedding photos

Hey, if you're gonna celebrate your anniversary, you celebrate your *god damn* anniversary


It's strange to think that I got this game half a year ago

Like really, it feels like it's been *decades*

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