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Greetings (again) (for the third time) fediverse! I am David: A Webcomic and this is my tertiary(?) profile on Mastodon. I'm a comic writer/artist of varying quality with a series that I've been working on for the past... 10 months now? I think? I've decided to get a .art account to bring my weird drawings and other assorted posts to a larger instance, so I really hope everything works out!

mh (~) 

honestly it feels bizarre watching The Simpsons on Disney+

Hey, so I've been seeing some people trying to get some Fediverse Secret Santa type things going on, and it's inspired me to think of one of my own: a Fediverse-wide OCret Santa! Basically, we get a whole bunch of people to send in their OC refs, and then we randomly distribute them out for the other creators to draw! Like Art Fight but without the stress!
Let me know if you're interested or know of somebody doing something similar, don't want to encroach on their territory!

All right I've asked this like a million times so it's about time that I put this to a vote, since it's only fair that I let the MastoMob choose the project.

Where should I serialize Battle Front?

Hey quick question for my fellow webcomic artists with more experience doing serialized strips rather than gag-a-week, like, how do you guys format your weekly releases? Like a page or two a week or like upwards of three pages weekly?

Additional fun fact, Maya was just kind of a name that I came up with as a female companion, and then I remembered that part of Autodesk’s 3D rendering suite is literally named Maya.
The name stuck and nobody would get the joke unless they knew the genesis of the project.

So, uh, a fun fact about Battle Front (that new I’m working on), the entire series was created when I was learning Blender over the summer about four years ago (suffice it to say that I’ve pretty much forgotten everything since then). I was learning about the molding tools, and then all of a sudden, I had two rather large prongs coming out of a sphere.

And my first thought was, “this is a weird-ass helmet”.

And thus, Kyzio was born.

fun fact: I've been working on these characters for around four years

*Four years*

All right, you guys wanted it, despite only knowing the *genre* of the comic, here it is, the main cast of my new ("new") , Battle Front.
I honestly don't know when to expect this thing by, but trust me, it'll be good. I think. I hope.

Basically imagine Firefly meets Deep Space 9.

With like a heap of absurdist nonsense carelessly chucked in the mix.

I have like 60 pages worth of rough page sketches, but I also try to stretch my art in directions that in retrospect, I'm not really proud of, so I'd have to completely re-draw the entire thing, not to mention doctor the script a bit, so it too will take a lot of time before I think it's viewer-worthy.

But I'm leaving the decision up to the Masto Mob right now, so anything goes!

I have a story down for it, though, basically, a fantasy pocket dimension opens up in Davidsville and when the characters go through it, they turn into their D&D selves. The pocket dimension also somehow threatens to destabilize the strip's home dimension, though, so it's up to David and company to close it.

The second comic is a serialized space opera/western action comedy-drama that I actually started a few years ago. [2/?]

Hey so we're kinda deadlocked right now between the RPG Maker game and the second comic, so I've decided to enumerate on what I mean by each:

The RPG Maker game is gonna be directly based off of my comic strip. It'll take an assload of time, particularly because I want to hand-draw the custom sprites (How hard could it be? - David's last words) and I don't really know that much about RPG Maker aside from the fact that I have it. [1/?]

I've been looking over my strip archive, and I just realized that I've never had anybody refer to Sarah by name until last week's strip.


Ok now that I've finished Tales From The Fediverse and I have like three months before the next issue's recruitment I'm gonna start on another side project

So like what should it be?

Also today: Volume 2 is out!
Featuring the works of
@david_a_webcomic (myself)
all in one book!
So come on in and check it out!
If you haven't read the first one yet, here's the link to that!
Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed and spread the word!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

Volume 2 comes out tomorrow!
It's been a long haul, but it's been worth it!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

Yup I think we're comin' along quite nicely.

Also my computer is starting to get slightly less toasty the more I play so that's good I guess?


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