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Hello! I'm Colby! ☺️ I'm an illustration student, who also jumped over from twitter, nice to meet you all! 💕

✨Twitter: colbaatwires
✨Insta: dappio_art

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Already forgot too share stuff here ^^; I haven't been doing much anyways but here are some doodles since it absorbs most of my time

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headshots i drew for myself and peeps from my patreon server for practice. also there's haurch and thancred being mildly angry, ShB can pry his beart out of my cold dead hands

Couldn’t sleep till I got this out of system, so now I can finally rest lol

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hallo! i'm val
i like silly things
and being silly
especially with friends😙
i always playing game and music
my head is always bread
😁 thank u for seeing

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Caught up with some of my Kofi comms today ^^ they are probably my favorite comms to do~

Lately I haven't been able to load more than a couple posts on desktop? does it just not run well on safari? :0

Figured I’d share this here, but I am doing my first ever art raffle over on my Twitter! There are 2 winners for some chibi drawings, there’s a week left so please check it out! ;3

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Couple quick drawings I’ve done of my sweet catboi, Rin for profile stuffs ;3c

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Happy Cat DAY!! If you want to read a comic about a quiet cat girl in a strange video game and 100% pixel art world, I got you a read!~

Pixel Cat! You can find the first chapters on Tapas! 🐱

Seen so many ppl in into ffxiv here! :o ppl got good tastes >;3c

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