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Next month I will give an workshop with these lasercut pieces, the task will be for the children to create a new model from the all mixed up pieces :da_juggle:

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Hey everybody, I've made this 3D template model of a ball jointed doll.
You can download, print or make any changes you want on it.
In the pictures it is fixed over a gear, not included in my model, with a wire.

You can download the STL and Blender files here:

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ModoriTUK, the modular constructive system I have been creating since 2019, open source stl
avaliable here
:sccube: :tialove:

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Toda vez que a timeline do :twitter: atualizar eu vou fechar o app w vir pra cá.
Não serve pra nada, mas é o meu pequeno protesto contra algo que nunca fez e nem jamais fará sentido.

Eu gosto de lá mas o :mastodon: tem uma vibe tranquila de lugar que não forma fila porque o atendimento é ótimo

I'm so sad to tell you all she passed away a few days ago.
Lost a very very important being for me <3
Rest in peace, my dear beloved one.
😿 😭 💔

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Minha gatinha 😻 Alaska Pituca no hospital e eu sofrendo. E o Nemo Pitico sentindo falta dela tb e todo apegado aqui 😭

Finalmente encontrei o método pra escrever minha tese de doc :))) tá rolando, mais de 60 páginas já e ainda falta seis meses

We are teaming up with the design agency @oakstudios to update our homepage and our brand. Goodbye social media blue, hello vibrant purple!

It's been more than 20 years since the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) tried to get tech companies to voluntarily recognize and honor their users' privacy choices. It failed:

Do Not Track, another attempt to do the same, did not fare much better:

But you know what actually worked? Tracker-blockers and ad-blockers, "the largest consumer boycott in history":


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In the locked container you identify a positron ballista. When you try to fire it, it freezes time within a 9m radius.

Next month I will give an workshop with these lasercut pieces, the task will be for the children to create a new model from the all mixed up pieces :da_juggle:

Brasil under far right is a daily nightmare. They'll certainly lost the elections but maybe then we'll get a real military coup.
Let's hope not.
:artsweats: :mood:

The nekomata started taking interest in alchemy centuries ago. Wars came and went. Dynasties exchanged hands. He invented new bombs and potions, and he became an expert at food contamination testing.

Finally he achieved what he always wanted. The nekomata handed the mug of steaming brown liquid to the werewolf.

"Non-detectable theobromine level at 100,000 fold dilution, yet tastes identical to the real thing. Finally, canine safe dark hot chocolate!"

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Important notice:

There is a in Inkscape 1.2 that could destroy gradients, clips/masks, symbols, swatches & clones in a drawing.

You'll only notice it happened after saving file & later opening it again.

To work around this bug DO NOT use copy-paste while the Export dialog is open!

For more details on the bug, head here:

The bug will be fixed in Inkscape 1.2.1 (a fix is already available in the development ('master') branch).

Perhaps what drew Haeckel to these particular creatures was their particular evolutionary biology, which dissolves the very notion of a self.

World is full of supervillains. Still no super heros.

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