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Daisy @dandyduck@mastodon.art

I’ve been making a lot of art but I forgot I had this social media for a while
Here’s an elf hoe I worked really REALLY hard on drawing

Hey, any artists out there who have commissions open who are good at graphic design and drawing cute ducks?
I’m looking to commission a business card and I’m having trouble finding artists with open commissions

By the way
I made another top today
This fabric is cute as hell y’all
Posting a selfie and a picture of my creative project in the same image makes me feel powerful

Shirt update!
It’s done!!
I decided to go for the “obnoxious” angle with the sleeves

Shirt update
Embroidery: done
Sleeves: :(

I saw a post a while ago with a big list of all the different types of art hashtags
Now I cannot find it to save my life
Anybody know what I’m talking about and could help me out here?

I’m making a shirt
I want to embroider something on it
Like some text, 1-4 words
All my ideas so far are intensely bad
Help... pls...

More animal costumes!! These are really fun! If you send me an animal I can try to design a costume for it

I zoned out for a couple hours after posting that picture I didn’t realize it had gotten attention!!! This is great!!!!!!

I embroidered a mermaid ✌️
Is there a embroidery tag?

@dandyduck designed a couple more
Do tags work in replies?

I’m about to find out

Doing some... I guess this is costume design?
Last year for Halloween I was a crab, next year I’m planning to be a duck, designing simple animal costumes is really fun
Send some animals for me to design costumes of?

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little tiny draw of my favorite oc

Do you think there’s any famous fine art that’s literally just a portrait of the painter’s OC?

How much is it gonna cost me to commission someone to draw whatever they think a fake princess would look like?
Probably more money than whatever I currently have

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I've been itching to sit down with my sketchbook and mess around all weekend, and I finally got some time today! 🌈

Margot is from my comic ( obeliskcomic.com ) and you'll meet her one day...

#mastoart #creativetoots #sketchbook #obeliskcomic #doodles

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and tags this is my daughter Fiona Chulainn, a young half-orc Paladin hoping to do some good in the world (and maybe save a princess along the way!).

I haven’t had enough time to put aside to really do a polished pic but I hope to eventually!

Gonna try posting this again, publicly this time
I redrew Johannes Vermeer’s The Girl with a Pearl Earring in my style
Definitely some mistakes in there that I would have preferred not making, but I like the end result anyways
She ain’t got any eyebrows

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I posted this earlier, but I may have accidentally set it to post privately so let me try again OTL
Another redraw in my style
Vladimir Orlov-Davydov by Christina Robertson
I started this assuming I knew how to draw horses and oh boy was that assumption false