The UK just reported 5,341 new cases of Covid-19. Their weekly average is now up 49% over the previous week. That is how fast this thing is growing. And, as the relative proportion of cases continues to shift in favor of the already dominant B.1.167.2 "Delta" strain, that week over week growth is only going to become more profound. Amazing to see this sort of rate of growth in a country where 76.2% of adults have had at least one dose of vaccine.

Fun that any company can short any person on any bill or payment for any reason and have it be basically extra liquid capital for their operations until they deign to pay you back, it's not even really illegal in practical terms. But if you short a payment to them, they can do anything from slapping on extra fees all the way up to firing you or calling the cops. The law cares more about your bank's overdraft fee than the accuracy of your paycheck and that should tell you where your loyalties ought to lie tbh

The BBC has this documentary/ bio pic/ soundscape all about the life and work of Delia Derbyshire at the moment and... its beautiful.

To the #emacs users, How much do you use the emacs built in help system vs searching the web ( online docs and other stuff ) ?
Give me a ratio please. And which one do of the two you like the most ?

Boost please :)


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