Thought I'd share. Here's the isolated figures from a commission I just finished (a reference sheet), plus close-ups at 100%. Now all I need is more work.

@dagoth Is this the flamboyant drow guy you got hired to draw?

@micahdraws Thanks, I'll pass it on next time I chat with the client ahaha

@AesAthena Thanks! Outfit design is my passion ™️

@dagoth NOICE. Do you give tips at all? I'm trying to do "nosferatu prince with a dragon mom living in a prairie setting"
But, yeah...I have no idea what I'm doing.

snipped for length 

@AesAthena Yeah you bet, but I'll be a little limited on what I can give you here.

The best advice I ever got, and that I give my students, is that clothing's broken down into elements: external silhouette, internal shapes, colour, texture, and accessory features.

No one can instinctively design - all designs are based on observation.

To get an aesthetic right (from normcore, to Elizabethan, to your "nosferatu prince on the prairies") you have to understand how those elements exist within that aesthetic. As an artist, your eyes are your most important tool (hands are just the obvious ones), so use 'em. What do the silhouettes look like in [aesthetic]? What sorts of shapes are incorporated into the internal structure? What are the common colours? What sorts of textures do you see?

Your question's broad, but I hope that starts you off with something to go on?

I might as well mention, I'm not offering courses right now, but some time in the new year I'm hoping to start doing those again.

snipped for length 

@dagoth No, very helpful! And it sounds like you work from general to specific, which also will help, I think. :)

@dagoth Ugh I love your style. I see it and just *shakes fist* yes

@dagoth what a gorgeous design! all the details are just wonderful <3

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