This is a small pen drawing I did that depicts some snow-covered rocks. Though it's not that visible, I tried to differ a bit between the shadow lines (hatched with diagonal straight lines) and a more curved pattern for the rocks themselves. I filled the sky with dots to allude to snow-filled clouds.

These are a few drawings I made in my sketchbook of hair and twigs. Color was added digitally. The drawings are not a narrative, but I liked how they looked together.

This a mountaintop I drew in my sketchbook last year and recently added some color to it. I tried to get a bit of an uneven rocky texture for the mountain in the foreground. I think I used a documentary I saw at the time as a reference.

This is a sketch of a part of the garden. I started it yesterday, but it was already quite late and it soon became too dark to draw so I finished it today. While I was drawing parts of the hedge I completely forgot to add a fourth table leg, so I guess this table has only three :)

When I drew this volcano, I was curious about smoke and clouds, how they differ and how I could draw them. The original black and white drawing felt quite dense because there are a lot of small lines. I tried to give it a softer look by making this colored version.

A campfire on a beach. This is a small drawing I did in January. It's made with a brush pen and an orange fineliner pen.

This is a sketch I did last year. It's the view out of a hospital window. There was a balcony and the neighboring building is part of the hospital itself, with trees being in the parking lot. The perspective is not always correct in the drawing, especially not in the windows of the building.

I went for a walk today and decided to make a sketch of some old stairs and greenery nearby a small lake. I'm a bit out of practice, the water in my sketch doesn't quite look like water. Still, it's fun to be drawing again.


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