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heya!! I'm rey/cyph/cy and I mostly draw anthros. I love designing characters and my favorite medium is colored pencils. I also make fursuits on occasion!

I look forward to meeting new people here and hopefully getting my work and stories out there a bit!

some old adopts that never sold

--only $5 each--

-If you pay $12 instead of $5, it will come with a digital headshot badge!
-If you pay $25 it will come with a two view ref
-for $30 you get both <3

For free I can:
-provide high quality digital file without large watermark
-remove text
-make small design and/or line edits
-add filter to adjust colors

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posted this story on instagram but wanted to express this here too (click image for more)
I dislike that the furry community sometimes fails to respect boundaries especially when it comes to stuff like hugs/touch. this needs to be said.

this applies even more irl! do not touch people without express permission!!

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Gift for @cypheriius of her oc Adrien ! Mwah thanks dude for letting me draw Adrien

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Heya! My name is Taiga, and I'm new here. Its a pleasure to meet you all! ^^

I draw mostly furry art, sometimes I draw pokemon or fan art in general from different things. Hope we can get along and see everyone's beautiful art! :)

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Here's my friendly fire for a friend of mine on artfight, featuring their character Dashie!!
I'm done with artfight for this year.

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WIP for a friend - won't be finished until they design the body of the character! meanwhile I'll probably make myself a new pfp

i keep instinctively clicking follow on every user i find but then accidentally clicking it for someone i already followed which ofc unfollows them :')) i've changed my settings so it warns me first but oop

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This is one of my recent ocs (and probably my favorite so far.) He's a honeycomb object head <3

Does anyone have name ideas?? I never know what to name my ocs..

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First time painting a cat. I believe it went well ! :o

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Hello! I’m Quill, and I’m a queer artist, animator, and story creator.

I’m currently working on a big story, Sand Clocks, which I hope to make into a comic sometime in 2022 or 2023 (when I’m out of high school)
Alongside with that I do a lot of commissions or owed art!
On the side side of those two things, I work on my character world esterwick (the world Sand Clocks is set in) and the other stories in it and occasional animations or writing.

Hope you enjoy my content!

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hi! I'm super new to this site so I hope I'm doing this right! I'm a Nordic digital artist and I draw humans and animals. I hope to be active here and share my art with anyone who wants to see <33 this looks like a lovely place for artists!

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complicated scenery is my favourite to draw XD
this is a concept I've been working on for a while, with the help of my wonderful writer friend (on a different site)

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lol heya guys, Its Starcre8tor! Im a freelance animator and Illustrator who cant get enough of her ocs and likes random anime things and colors! Thanks for sticking around! 👋

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