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Cygnet Silks

Painted, waiting for steaming. Last minute scramble to freshen up the booth for Salem art fair next week.

This yarn is done. Hand spun wool, dyed one yarn with madder, one yarn with fustic and sandalwood, then plied the two together. The result looks like Froot Loops, but that's okay.
Froot Loops seems like a valid color scheme.

I love used books that have been autographed to some else. I have found a couple of these at Powells Books and it's the best.

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It is #interesting : We write in order to #remember but we also write down in order to forget...

1) #Writing down what matter to us, give us relief from #anxiety to keep remembering. Then
we forget as we are freed from this anxiety.

2) And then we remember again as we look back what we wrote.

IF we stop on the first step, we can successfully forget what we don't want to remember...

Photography help from Rhubarb the cat.

Getting some photos taken, so here's a new tarot cloth.

One more silk painting in this brushstroke style. Having so much fun with this right now

I've been playing with a new style of silk painting. More brushstroke-y, with a soy wax resist and a brush rather than a water based resist and a squeeze bottle.

Although, there isn't a control panel to tweak settings that I can find in Ubuntu Mate on my laptop. It does have the control panel in Linux Mint on my desktop. Depending on how much I use the tablet with my laptop, it may push me in the direction of Mint again.

New tablet success! Got a lil wacom intuos tablet from Ebay. I have to practice with it, but it works perfectly. Didn't have to mess with drivers or anything, it just worked with Ubuntu Mate. Very exciting.

The constant stream of awesome art on this site is blowing my mind. So inspiring! ๐Ÿ’š

I've never been much of a sketcher, but now I want to get on board with daily sketching too.

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Trying to set this up to auto share to my FB page through IFTTT. It works through twitter. It's all a ploy to have Mastodon be my main social media, but not lose my facebook audience.

Just finished this custom hand painted silk scarf. It's for a lady whose mom loved hummingbirds and spirals. She was so sweet.

I'm thinking of getting a small graphics tablet for drawing and photo editing. Do any of you lovely mastodonites have any favorites or ones to avoid? I'm working with Linux.

A little booth shot from this weekend's market. Finding a booth set up that works well is a never ending quest I think...

This is also a test to see if the auto post to from my preferred Mastodon platform to Facebook, (using IFTTT) works.

These fiery azaleas in my front yard are not messing around. No filter, they are just that bright. I want to plant more of these!