I am intrigued by the danger tape at our neighbood playground.

I am trying to get into using Pixelfed, but my feed is a bit lonely. Do y'all have a I should follow?

Indigo dyeing in the works. It's cool how when you dip indigo it's green, then turns blue when exposed to oxygen. If your indigo solution is the color of actual indigo, you know it's totally messed up and won't work! It's so weird.

My spectrum of natural dye colors on organic muslin is done.

From top to bottom:
light blue: indigo and fustic
tan: black walnut, cutch and logwood
purple: logwood
peach: cochineal, brazilwood, fustic and pomegranate
blue: indigo
gold: fustic
pink: cochineal and brazilwood
blue again: indigo

I'm pulling my silk painting time lapse videos over from that one other video site, and putting them on share.tube. Here's the first, painting a tree. Most folks don't know how silk painting works, so I like to do demos and videos about it.But I never do as many as I mean to...


It's not possible to change my share.tube user name, is it? As soon as I made my account I regretted using my business name rather than a neutral name I could use for nerd rants and business stuff.

I'm revisiting pixelfed this morning. Looks like it's coming along nicely.

Recently painted silk tarot/altar cloth. It was meant to be a custom order but it didn't match my client's tarot deck quite right, so we're doing something else. But I am pretty happy with the way it turned out anyway. :)

Yay, my art show is done. That was a lot of work. I'm going to lounge as hard as possible today.

I'm too tired from art show chores to do actual art or take pictures of art right now. At least there is tea.

I think I'm getting better at my indigo fermentation vat!

(Fiber art nerd content warning, except content warnings are totally overdone, and the worst that can happen from this toot is extreme boredom, unless you have a very specific indigo--fermentation-phobia).

Test driving this pixelfed thing. I am excited about groovy new platforms like this.


I asked this on my linuxrocks.online account, but maybe I should have asked you artsy types in the first place: What's your image management setup for photos and such? I use Linux and currently use Digikam to browse photos, and it seems okay. I'm still getting familiar with it. What is your favorite software or strategy?

A shot from the Chinese Gardens in Portland. I was there this afternoon doing silk painting demonstrations, and it was not 100 degrees, so that was amazing. Such a magical spot. Painting demos are great, but I'd just rather sit and stare at the scenery and ponder existence.

net neutrality, action needed 

California's strong #NetNeutrality bill #SB822 is on its way to an Assembly vote, but the telecom lobby will try to kill it by poison amendments. If you live in CA, keep calling!


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