Yay, my art show is done. That was a lot of work. I'm going to lounge as hard as possible today.

I'm too tired from art show chores to do actual art or take pictures of art right now. At least there is tea.

I think I'm getting better at my indigo fermentation vat!

(Fiber art nerd content warning, except content warnings are totally overdone, and the worst that can happen from this toot is extreme boredom, unless you have a very specific indigo--fermentation-phobia).

Test driving this pixelfed thing. I am excited about groovy new platforms like this.


I asked this on my linuxrocks.online account, but maybe I should have asked you artsy types in the first place: What's your image management setup for photos and such? I use Linux and currently use Digikam to browse photos, and it seems okay. I'm still getting familiar with it. What is your favorite software or strategy?

A shot from the Chinese Gardens in Portland. I was there this afternoon doing silk painting demonstrations, and it was not 100 degrees, so that was amazing. Such a magical spot. Painting demos are great, but I'd just rather sit and stare at the scenery and ponder existence.

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When you are reading my toots, please do so in the voice of a person who would wear these shoes, thank you

I'd like to post some of my painting videos on Peertube. What instance should I register with? Any favorites for arty stuff? I have some up on Youtube, but want to use better platforms too when I can.

Holy adverbs Batman. This is from an actual score my orchestra played.

First test hankie from my new natural indigo vat. Not a bad start, though I have some improvements to make. I've messed around with indigo for years, but this bigger vat should let me do some bigger pieces, and I'm excited to get a little more serious with it.

After seven years at the Portland Saturday Market, I have resigned my membership. It has been a part of my life since I moved to Portland in 2011, and it feels strange to let it go. I will miss seeing my lovely artist friends and sweet patrons every weekend. But it is the right time to make this change.

Time to prioritize other artwork that I want to do, working on my house and having the same day off as my husband once in a while. Life keeps on lifing, and I'm just trying to keep up.

Art shows make me sleepy, and I haven't even set up my booth yet.

Painted, waiting for steaming. Last minute scramble to freshen up the booth for Salem art fair next week.

This yarn is done. Hand spun wool, dyed one yarn with madder, one yarn with fustic and sandalwood, then plied the two together. The result looks like Froot Loops, but that's okay.
Froot Loops seems like a valid color scheme.

I love used books that have been autographed to some else. I have found a couple of these at Powells Books and it's the best.

It is #interesting : We write in order to #remember but we also write down in order to forget...

1) #Writing down what matter to us, give us relief from #anxiety to keep remembering. Then
we forget as we are freed from this anxiety.

2) And then we remember again as we look back what we wrote.

IF we stop on the first step, we can successfully forget what we don't want to remember...

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