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trade pieces for my bud @cyboarnetic of their in-universe furry Popcorn the corgi!

wanted to try something different with sketching+inking traditionally and importing the lines into sai, and it turned out incredibly well! def gonna be doing more often! ;; i missed doing traditional!

#mastoart #furryart #furry #corgi

lil kudagitsune done as a cooldown sketch last night. gonna be doin a lot more traditional stuff, i hope!

#mastoart #sketch #fox #kitsune #yokai

whats up im lexi and i do many backflips but only in theory

im just a bird thats in both a state of busyness and laziness

i like doing fanart and oc stuff, i also tend to go all over the place with what i post but im just vibing 😳

Icon commission for @kokorogensou <3 Had some fun with the first lineless icon I've drawn all year- or possibly two? I didn't think people liked my lineless that much ;u; im flattered.

Yeah I know I redesign Baph every time I draw them buuut I think I rly like how this one came out. Also here's some Avery in her new Princely duds! :D

While I have mixed views on the Borderlands 3 story it's still fun to play when my pc can run it. I gotta say they did FANTASTIC with Handsome Jackpot! Story was great and Tim and Moxxi's characters were really well fleshed out.


vaporwave miku design by @scribbled_death!


And here's another colored sketch. I'm not going in order with this project of mine for the record, haha.

Anyway, this is of Ayesha wearing one of her close-to-final prototype outfits, so the differences are fairly minimal yet distinct.

I am interested in drawing more if her, but I should move onto other characters for the time being.

Telegram sticker commission for @david! his character Bowie is a cutie and I'm glad he let me test out stickers on this woof. thank you friend!

I'm now open for these, hit me up!

i'm mobile so hopefully the quality is ok, but i redesigned my fursona with new top surgery scars to commemorate!!

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