Strike fear into your friends by turning on the RP tag

I think next month I'll finally have the energy to organize and post the art I have been doing in my very very very narrow pockets of free time ... I'm proud I have been drawing at all tbh, the past 2 months have been EXHAUSTING and EMOTIONALLY TAXING and INSANE. Here's an excerpt of a very old sketch journal.

Sometimes I feel like I am just just ENTIRELY. LOSING. MY. MIND. 😀
Life has been rough lately. Hah. Enjoy my stress doodle!
(CW for illustrated eye contact)

I am going to get zero sleep tonight and I already have sleep issues as is but if I didn't do something I enjoyed soon I was going to completely lose my shit, so I drew my cat girl.

CW: illustrated eye contact

Hi 🐉
A little introductory WIP progress pic! One of the first pieces I finished after starting to make art again.

CW for illustrated eye contact & mild skimpiness :da_grin:


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