Blinding Lights but everything you hear are all saw waves (including the percussions)

Limiting your tools can be a great way to improve. When I started using Heavypaint I was overwhelmed by the many, quite unconventional ways to make marks. So after some intial struggle I started using nothing but the line tool to get the hang of things, and with that as a stable base I’m now much more comfortable to experiment with the rest!

I wanna be that person who regularly works on a portable tablet while at a coffee shop, one day

Hi all!! I'm opening up flash emergency commisions!! As usual here are my base rates and some examples! I will also be taking Kofi sketches! All sharing is greatly appreciated!!

probably won't make a lot of use of those 800+ brushes but i like this lil sketch i did when i tested some of them out!

Some days, my ADHD is very under control. Other days, my brain goes I NEED TO DESIGN AND EMBROIDER A PLUSH OREO COOKIE and, well, here we are.

I posted another color study in my intro toot (pinned) but I might as well put this one too, I like 'em both! This lady is from a reference photo I was using to practice airbrushing.

Hi everyone, I made a game called Aura's Room !
It's about a girl in her room, and also about being lonely.
This is my first solo experience, and my first foray into low-res
it was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it :)

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