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Okay I should finally make an intro post

Hi! I'm Curus and I mostly draw original content with monsters, horror themes, and "humans flung against weirdness" as my mate Lex put it

Monster concept: Looks like three human kids in a trenchcoat, is actually a human centipede-esque monster kid in a trenchcoat

Okay well I wrote -something- and it wasn't so bad

I've found myself doing a lot of preliminary mental planning, and it meaning I don't necessarily make as much - certainly I don't write as much - it seems easy to declare I should write more, and daily, but it seems equally ridiculous to force myself to commit to things I know are incomplete

Grr I keep forgetting you can choose where it crops here

surreal gore, wanton disrespect for the innocent colour scheme 

Everyone's favourite contact sport - extreme hand-holding!

Incidentally I'm going to be on holiday next week so I probs won't be around quite as much!

body horror, half a pig carcass, and two very different languages 

I was playing around with my imagination and then everything got pretty.

cw as much nudity as a magical girl transformation sequence

Body horror and half a pig carcass 

_murdered_, you say? *pulls out phone and changes spotify playlist to sad music*

oc silliness; kinda gross 

And yes, this makes Matthew canonically both a clown and a muppet.

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