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Intro post...2!

Hi, I'm Curus! I draw a lot to do with monstrosity and horror, but with a garish & absurd twist.

My decade-old tablet finally died, so with the new one I drew a Viking funeral for it (read: a trip down the local river with a tealight)

a disembodied eyeball 

Unrestrained summer fun

pride Clyde... meant to draw this at the beginning of the month, but here it is anyway

Smart enough to notice when people can't do anything about its presence, Fringehead Underbed is also enough of a jerk to taunt them about it.

some blood! 

I saw a site selling full-face visors, and immediately decided it was science time

A bit of good news for yall: I've added two new Patreon tiers! One is a tip jar for folks who'd like to support me but don't want any benefits, and the other is a physical zine tier!

I'll send you a new zine to your mailbox every month — anywhere in the world! And if you subscribe before the end of May, I'll send you the first two issues of Eidolia immediately!

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