when you run a cat rescue / recording studio, you need to make sure you have good security.

This is why all of our visitors go through what's affectionately been dubbed "the cat scan".


@curiousquail Wow cat recuse + studio is basically heaven right!?

@mxtthxw as long as you can isolate the cats who would chew on cables from the ones who won't, then absolutely.

Went through so many XLR before learning this lesson.

@mxtthxw I mean
They’re cats of good taste - they LOVE a good blueSky

@curiousquail @mxtthxw

sorry but I just have to ask what the sleeveless atari joystick on the pedalboard is used for

@emptyfortress @mxtthxw hahah it’s a midi controller for an effects loop - the sleeve is only missing because the cats chewed on it 😬

@curiousquail @mxtthxw

I have one that's also sleeveless, but no cats were involved, just shoddy 80s manufacturing :D

using it as a midi controller is a good idea, I might look into making something similar, thanks for that tip

Me, sitting up: "Actually, I'm gonna have to be scanned again. Y'know...just in case." *flops back down*

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