this is hands down one of my favorite photographs I’ve ever taken; was on my moon bullshit in my backyard with a zoom lens and a BAT flew through the damn frame

@curiousquail This is amazing !

And, by that pretty move, you give life to the Batman glyph within night sky for real ^^

@curiousquail Like, I love the fact that sunlight, traveled all the way to the moon, reflected off of it, towards the eart, towards your camera, and this bat just happened to be in the way :D

@curiousquail "I'm a corporate logo!"

I tried taking some bat pics on purpose when I was way out in eastern Oregon in the high desert, but everything was blurry because I didn't have a decent camera

@curiousquail You know things are bad when the Bat Signal shines outside the borders of Gotham city!

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