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Hi I’m msd!
I make music🎸🎮🎤, take photos📸, + run a cat rescue/recording studio with my partner Della in southern New England.

I’m also learning 3D art and making weird little adventures of a bird wizard in Blender - which is mostly what I post here!

That said, I can be hired for all sorts of things!
Need composition or gameboy/guitar/vocals for your project? I got you!

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It's raining but there was a very brief pause in the clouds and I'm pretty happy with what I could get

mostly a picture of a cat but there's a framed photo with nudity on the wall 

honestly I highly recommend everyone decorate their walls with makeshift wallpaper made out of the technical repair manuals for a 1960's wurlitzer

Racism / USpol 

For no reason at all I’m thinking tonight about the time my partner told her boss she was pregnant.
He congratulated her on “perpetuating the white race” until she told him I’m Mexican, whereupon he walked away from the conversation and never spoke to her again.

Anyway, super normal and cool to live in a country that has a major news network pushing “great replacement” conspiracies and legislates uteruses before their firearm problem

ok usually I do 3 photos of one sunset with 3 different lenses but

but what if moon instead??

1. 20mm
2. 100mm
3. 400mm


when you run a cat rescue / recording studio, you need to make sure you have good security.

This is why all of our visitors go through what's affectionately been dubbed "the cat scan".


That time of night, eh?

One sunset, three lenses (400mm, 100mm and 20mm)...but tonight we get FOUR photos instead of the usual three because Bison wanted to be involved.

Gave part of a shot with a

what if the owl...was some kind of traveling merchant?

Time for pack number 2: Moonscapes!

134 images of a landscape featuring the moon (or a detailed photo of the moon).

This pack's broken into two sets:
Singles, which are what they sound like - and Pairs.
Pairs are two images where the focus shifts between the moon and the surrounding environment

Again, each image is :cc_by: for use in art reference so just make sure you credit me if you use 'em!

📦 :

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