Lately, as a bit of therapy, I’ve been going back and trying to learn how to ink by redrawing some of my favorite panels. This is from Wonder Woman’s victory speech in DC: New Frontier by Darwin Cooke.

I normally don’t post wip stuff, but I’m trying to be less perfectionist!

One of the first experiments i did into art, way back in 2015, were Sierpinski triangles. While their filesize often crashed my browser, the math felt approachable, and screwing up was just as much fun as succeeding.

Last year, I found a wonderful art bot, Cloudy Conway, and tried to replicate the beautiful patterns it came up with, but with a minor twist: using CSS box shadow instead of canvas.

These came out floral enough I ended up giving my mom one for Mother’s Day!

I like generative things, but not just code. Like, my current profile picture isn’t actually something I coded or drew, it’s an hdmi connector that I broke and it made a pattern that reminded me of saturn’s rings

Hi there fediverse! My name’s Liv and I like art, coding, tea, bats, and making pretty things! 💚🍵🌈👋✨


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