college is killing me but i gonna try to come back
im missing here

My uni put a guillotine on the front door in protest... Big mood tbh

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I don't think I made an intro post when I joined, but better late than never.
I've studied art for a total of six years with the goal of going pro in comics and illustration. I'm not ready to go for it yet, but Im working towards it.
My main source of inspiration is Undertale atm so I'm doing mostly fanart, but it's not an outright theme for me.
I prefer traditional materials and am currently working to get better at colours

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Someone on Discord said "the older I get the more I relate to Squidward" and yeah

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until less than half an hour i stil had no idea what take the l meme meant...... im a sham

Today is mAh birthday!! And I'll have sushi!! I'm so ready
I'm gonna eat so much sushi

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hello, i need a lil bit to make rent, if you could boost this toot: or buy one yourself you'd be helping me out a lot! 🙏

if i finish today my goal of math study.... i'll /draw/

wait.... since when our mammoth have highlights? it didn't have before.... right?

lek chan uploaded a new speedpaint after so long
fucking yay!!

just saw an epic catfight on the street by my window while sipping my juice

Looks at my drawing tablet with pure longing, tearing up: ........ soon

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