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She'd be so nervous to start and then they'd be like "so I'm studying integrative robotics" and she'd be like OH YOU KNOW THE THING ABOUT INTEGRATIVE ROBOTICS IS --" and everyone would leave like "holy fuck dr alphys knows everything" then the next class she'd show up like "I can't see any of you bc I forgot my glasses at home but wanna learn about inductive machine learning" and they'd be like "ok so she's a mess but she's OUR genius mess and we're not sharing"

I just wish I could enjoy Voltron cause like, SCI-FI!! .... on the other... pidgey

hc that the dark blue thing Kris uses under their armour at the dark world is an onesie

I may only know one smile for Susie but he'll if I'll let that stop me

toby fox made asriel a jock who engages in heterosexuality and that will never be forgivable

On Tumblr The Most Successful Posts Have Notes In The Millions Or Even Tens Of Millions. On Mastodon The Most Successful Toots Have Maybe 50 Favorites And Boosts.

in twelve days on mastodon i managed to surpass the fame i spent 4 years accumulating on tumblr, and made 100x more friends in the process. this website is pretty great i think

also why did everyone thirst over sans when undertale come out

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm going through my tumblr art blog and. does anyone remember down with cis???? cause my art blog does

also two years old, it's a thing I did for alphyne week. It's their first night looking at real stars
#undertale #alphys #undyne #alphyne

idk if it's as bad as it was in my head, but i stand by it. he's got juice boxes on his hat

Do you thing Kris snores? Like how much noises they do when sleeping through classes? 🤔

I just realized something, Kris didn't bring a backpack to school, Susie didn't bring a backpack to school, nobody looked like they bought a backpack too

...... How the fuck they even do the classes? Without any material??

guess who is having an incredible bad time with the heat? uuuuuuugh

wait we have a toriel now?? i come back here and find a new mom??

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