if i finish today my goal of math study.... i'll /draw/

wait.... since when our mammoth have highlights? it didn't have before.... right?

lek chan uploaded a new speedpaint after so long
fucking yay!!

just saw an epic catfight on the street by my window while sipping my juice

Looks at my drawing tablet with pure longing, tearing up: ........ soon

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Can someone tell me the name of that side who shows all artworks of the #/mastoart?? I forgot what is it :lies_down: :lies_down:

Studies going steady (if not full of pain too) and also had a great downtime with @ikolit (ILY bb) too, so guess I'm back to stuDYING now

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@Nukacola psiu, u should use # mastoart so we can all see your art! I believe it's one of the .OST used tags for artworks on mastodon

Never trust those summer lovers
They're not natural

I feel like those boiled fruits where you can just pull a tip of it's skin wand bam! It all came off

gimme back my crispy comfy station back pls im begging

And two days ago it was 42c/107f and I wanted to day but worse was yesterday where there was a rainstorm and the light went out and it was so sooo stuffy

Not even midday and it was already 30c/89f aofksosfj it's too hot hot /damn/

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