I made a Drugs & Wires recap timeline to help our long time readers (and anyone who needs a refresher!)

Heavy spoilers for chapters 1-7, so read at your own risk, of course.

New Drugs & Wires page!

If you played our dating game you might appreciate the cameo :D


It's Creator Day on itch! Today creators take 100% of their sales - now's a great time to support indie devs and maybe date some broken humans in our cyberpunk post-Soviet dating sim? Eyes

Look at Dan getting all dolled-up! Guess this means everything is fine now and nothing bad will happen ever :)

I didn't want to be intimidated by my characters and that's why they;re all terrible artists
..except for lin

Ok fine I did the shirt cut meme
(it's only mildly thirsty but it's mastodon so i guess i better hide it)

Lots of folks complimented the music in our game, so I'm happy to announce that the Dates & Wires soundtrack by NINGEN is now available on Bandcamp! ningen.bandcamp.com/album/date

Early update because the world needed to see Dan's texting face and because i am out of control

Look, you can’t tell me my character looks like David Bowie and not expect me to lean in to it

New Drugs & Wires page is up!
It's been a while but it's good to be back.

The subway trio: Sandman, Fixer and Fixer’s giant novelty lighter

D&W is coming back on 16th June! Please accept this mildly creepy cover in the meantime.

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