It looks like I'm gonna have to find temp accomodation in Berlin sooner than I thought. If anyone knows anything hit me up 😅
(I know of the websites and all but I need a short term rental asap and don't have registration so that might prove complicated until I move)

Turns out the plan for me to work remotely won't work and I have to be present in the country to start my job

@cryodraws Hmm... How temporary exactly? Weeks? Months? half a year?

@gnarly_parker I'm thinking a month while I look for something permanent and figure things out

@cryodraws That's a tough one if you want a reasonable price. I've seen people book a week of airbnb and then pay a bit less for more weeks afterwards while payments happen outside the platform.

There also used to be the option of using guest apartments in cooperatives. But I think most of those are still in use by Ukranian refugees.

Sorry that I'm not of more help.

Are there hostels in Berlin? Are they still a thing?

@Tay0 yeah they are! Hard to find bookings for the dates I want, though.

If it's only for a month, could you stay in a neighboring town and commute in?

@Tay0 and the cheapest option of sharing with a bunch of randos costs as much as a regular room if not more, so..not really cost effective

That's a shame. I remember them being very economical.

I used to spend summers in Amsterdam, staying with my grandparents. I remember how angry my grandmother got when I spent a week at the youth hostel and not in her house.

@cryodraws maybe put the berlin as hashtag if you want further reach?

@mux2000 yeah I've been using it. Unfortunately I've also been contacted by a lot sketchy folks through it too :')

@cryodraws yeah, it's far from perfect, just the first place to look.

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