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Dates & Wires, the slavpunk dating sim full of regrets, lost causes and promises of romance is out on!

and yes, i am still extremely looking for a full-time gig

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New portfolio thing where I tried to adapt to that Mobile Game Aesthetic but then gave up halfway through

I'm gonna be away for a bit so here's an early update.
Dan looks how I feel and also look :')

welp, it's been a week since my interview and I've heard nothing. Other than a ton of rejection letters from other places 🙃 This was pretty much my only option, yay

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nameless warbot. rickety old love interest who used to disassemble machines mid-battle at freakishly high speed. kicked off the battlefield for getting shot to smithereens

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my robot oc, J0. he got kicked off the assembly line at the sexbot factory for electrocuting people.

I need to hire a person that can talk me out of posting my warm up drawings when they get out of control
// mild nsfw i guess

hey, if you want all of my art with none of the hot takes (or straight up whining which is what i mostly do on masto), why not follow me on IG which I'm desperately trying to revive after deleting my old acc on there

Bad Ending (which everyone decided is Good, Actually)

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Did a thing for a portfolio and some artstation cred so of course it got ignored on there :D

The 7 year cyborgization plan (completed ahead of schedule, of course)

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